Crimes and Punishment

I dreamed I was in a place where I worked (not anywhere I recognize.) I got off work and stopped at a coffee shop. I was going to get a hot tea and a donut. They also had huge pieces of pie there (like a quarter of a pie each) but I wanted an eclair. Once I left there I was trying to go to the gym. I was in a car with Alex and he kept moving it and parking it different places. We got to the back door and there was some sort of problem with the ID card and it made me really mad and I threatened to cancel our membership. ┬áThen I went to a psychiatrist office. I was there with a little girl and her mother. The little girl had been putting tiny little clips in my hair and I didn’t realize it. As punishment, the mother made me put one of the clips on her finger. I chose the loosest one I had – it had a duck on the end of it, but the little girl was horrified and I had to catch her and sit on her to hold her down. When I put it on her finger she stared crying and it was terrible. Then I took it off and she started playing with toys in the office. There was a button that changes the lights and we turned them to lights that flashes in a cooorful pattern. Then someone spoke to is through a hole in the wall and scared us. I left to complain because I felt that was inappropriate in a psychiatrists office.

Awesome Aquarium

We were living in a new house and I spent almost all of my time on this new, outdoor porch. We were receiving a shipment of coffee mugs every day or every week and I was responsible for inventorying them for work. I created a System where I didn’t have to redo the work every time. I had to find shelves to put them on. Then Michael gave me these Harry Potter collectible aquarium units. I didn’t know what to do with them but then I saw our house (and my little room) was connected to a public library and there was an area dedicated as a Harry Potter aquarium so I donated them. The aquariums were tall and long and the fish were weird looking and took up the entire aquarium. One was white and looked sort of like a jellyfish but with a face that had a weird lopsided smile. We had gone into the museum and there was a young girl working there. She was going to take us to a secret part of the tour. To get in, first I pulled a piece of chicken out of my leg that was lodged there like a splinter. Then I went and found a costume jacket.We left before the tour though and figured we would be back.

Then we were in Alex’s friend’s car. He was about to pass the house but it was his house. When he turned in I ran into the back office/porch and was changing clothes for the ole miss game. I couldn’t find my red sweater so just wore a black sweater. We met up with Katy’s family and they made fun of us.

Grapes of no Wrath

I dreamed I was on a cruise with two other women that I don’t know. One of the three was selling drugs out of our cabin and we were concerned we were going to get in trouble or arrested. We were using the ship as transportation from one place to another and were going to have to disembark soon but we didn’t know exactly when. The second lady and I decided to go ahead and unpack, saying we could re-pack again quickly if needed. We stopped at a port but no one could get off the ship because there were guards from the Dakota Access Pipeline that were heavily armed and patrolling the streets. There were also armed men on motorcycles. I took pictures and called mom to update her. Then we got word that we could disembark the next morning beginning with school aged children (elementary first then high school) and then adults. I had left the room to use the bathroom in a public bathroom. When I came out, I had to swipe my room key on a kiosk. A guy who worked for the cruise line was there helping me. He looked to be around 30 with long dark hair that was in his eyes and glasses. When he was done he said “let me stick around for a minute- I hear the flute playing is great.” There was a video of him on the kiosk playing the flute. He was standing there holding a bunch of grapes. After he was done watching I said “enjoy your grapes” and started to leave. He laughed and said he didn’t even like grapes but that’s what was in the dining room.

Gassing Up

I was with my parents and we were going to get gas in our cars before a holiday celebration. I was following them but somehow got in front of them in the line. The lanes to pump gas were very narrow and I was worried about scraping the side of my vehicle but once I was in the line it wasn’t as narrow as it looked.

As I was pumping gas, I went inside the building. It was like a dollar general/auto zone mixed together and there was a podium there where an employee is supposed to sit but no one was there. There was a wall of display items (wood with holes and hooks) but it was almost empty. I said to dad that I bet that wall was always sold out because kids come in and see dollar toys they want. 

As I was pulling out and leaving I had to get out of the car and move some branches out of the way so I didn’t run over them.


I dreamed that there was an accident outside our house and someone was killed. It involved an 18 wheeler. Alex went outside and was trying to take pictures. I was upset and horrified. I went to a tanning bed and it was $100 and I felt guilty for spending the money. Then the lady added a 20 percent tip which was crazy. When the lady at the tanning place realized we saw the accident, she told us to stop by this sandwich shop in the building and said they would give me a free sandwich, which they did. I went back to the house and I was sharing a bedroom with someone (an old roommate of mine?) and there was someone in a second bedroom. The roommate was talking about moving my office furniture out so I could have a private bedroom but then pointed out I needed the office furniture. But I very badly wanted a private room. Then I had the kids and Buster again and we were in a hotel. We were following a man and I was lost and couldn’t find the room. He led me to it. Then we were almost sharing a room- we had to walk through his room to get to ours. It was strange, but I was happy to be away from the scene of the accident.

Food, Friendship and Flora

I was in charge of a silent auction again. This was on a cruise ship. I had delegated out the making of the bid sheets and people were doing it all crazy. They had printed off multiple pages of nonsense and put them on the clipboards. Someone commented that no one had bid on her bench she had donated. It was a beautiful yellow bench with an orange and yellow sun at the top. Lots of people had written bids on it but most were scratched out. I said it looked like someone bid $295. I told her that if no one did that I would bid $75 and put it on the balcony. I explained about our two bistro tables And how Dylan had used one for winter guard then I put it downstairs to sit at when I took Buster outside. I was trying to wrap up silent auction items and it was late at night. I was in the cabin of Carnival’s social media guy. I had taken my socks off. Fast forward to a few months later- he sent me a package with Carnival socks and a note that said something about me leaving my socks in the cabin. I was worried Michael would think I had cheated on him. Then we were in Flora, but it was a mix between Halfway and Flora. We wanted to look at the old restaurant but it was in a big warehouse rather than its current building. They were turning it into a place called Cowboys or something like that. I thought it was a bar but it seemed it would be a restaurant. I asked how they would get around the hood vent and chip just shrugged. He showed me plans and there were rooms set aside to do crafts. I was excited. Then Michael and I decided to eat at a new restaurant that had opened. We walked past Stockstills and it had become A laundromat. We got to the restaurant and it was clear we should have made reservations but they squeezed us in. The front room had very tall walls and  dinner began that night with a meat and cheese tray with salami and pimento cheese. Something happened that embarrassed me- like I made a fool of myself. I can’t remember the details. But everyone was speaking  to me after dinner about it. Then I met up with a few girls who had a chocolate cake with elaborate hard chocolate designs sticking up off the top. They decided to eat them and offered me one. They were from sororities and so were saying “one for team —-, one for team —–, and one for team barker.” There was also a fraternity boy there. It made me feel “included.” Then they were talking about what to take tailgating The next day for the Ole Miss game and I realized I wasn’t prepared so was going to send a request in to take a half day off.

Concession Confession

I was supposed to be in charge of the concession stand for the band, but it was being set up in the church kitchen. As we were setting up a hearse was leaving from behind and Ben commented how the show must go on and we do a good job of keeping things moving.  Someone got out a big tub of cookies and said they were left over from the middle school game. I asked if they were for us to eat or to sell and she said sell three for a dollar. Then there were boxes of petit fours that we were trying to plate on little crystal plates and sell but they kept breaking. 

It was 30 minutes before the game was to start and someone asked me if I wanted to start in prayer. I was conflicted since it was a school event but said I would do it 15 minutes before. Then we got busy and I don’t think I ever did.