From School to Shopping

I was in the band hall (but it was in my old high school.) we were preparing to send the kids on a trip. Someone got upset because I had made a first aid/toiletry kit in a basket and that became required packing (for a grade). As the kids were leaving there was one full bus and then one vehicle that looked like a bus at the front but was a pickup in the back. Everyone rushed out to wave at the kids but I stayed inside.

Then I went to the mall with a friend and her boyfriend. Maybe it was my boyfriend. I’m not really sure. She was finding all sorts of cute shirts and sweaters that were really cheap but I couldn’t find any. This was a weird store- it was a women’s clothing store but by the entrance they made you hotdogs, and there was a bar and a beanbag toss and some other games. The people I was with thought it was dumb but I said it would be fun to have a party there like a mini Dave and Busters. The guy said it was nothing like Dave and Busters. There was a guy and a girl making out at one of the games and another one on a couch. 

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