Snakes and Ladders- roller coaster edition

I dreamed that I was in an unfamiliar place looking for someplace to park. I pulled into what I thought was a parking garage with strange, narrow lanes but it turned out to be a roller coaster. It sucked the car into a track and was terrifying. It appeared to be abandoned-I never saw anyone else. When I got out I asked someone and they said in a hushed tone, “Oh that’s part of — County” (I don’t remember the name of the county but it was apparently haunted.) 

I left and went to Austin’s house. He, and Burton and the kids and I were going to go to Walmart and I didn’t have any socks. I sheepishly asked if someone had some I could borrow and they said yes and pointed me to a drawer. In the drawer were all my missing socks! I said “Hey these are mine” and they just shrugged.

We got in the yard to get in the car and there were three snakes- one was really huge. It was red and yellow. As I would get away from one, the other one would chase me. Just as I was about to get to the car it almost bit me but Buster jumped in front and saved me but it bit him in the neck instead. I was so upset and was rocking him. I was yelling at everyone to get in the car so we could take him to the vet and I was sobbing hysterically.


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