Food, Friendship and Flora

I was in charge of a silent auction again. This was on a cruise ship. I had delegated out the making of the bid sheets and people were doing it all crazy. They had printed off multiple pages of nonsense and put them on the clipboards. Someone commented that no one had bid on her bench she had donated. It was a beautiful yellow bench with an orange and yellow sun at the top. Lots of people had written bids on it but most were scratched out. I said it looked like someone bid $295. I told her that if no one did that I would bid $75 and put it on the balcony. I explained about our two bistro tables And how Dylan had used one for winter guard then I put it downstairs to sit at when I took Buster outside. I was trying to wrap up silent auction items and it was late at night. I was in the cabin of Carnival’s social media guy. I had taken my socks off. Fast forward to a few months later- he sent me a package with Carnival socks and a note that said something about me leaving my socks in the cabin. I was worried Michael would think I had cheated on him. Then we were in Flora, but it was a mix between Halfway and Flora. We wanted to look at the old restaurant but it was in a big warehouse rather than its current building. They were turning it into a place called Cowboys or something like that. I thought it was a bar but it seemed it would be a restaurant. I asked how they would get around the hood vent and chip just shrugged. He showed me plans and there were rooms set aside to do crafts. I was excited. Then Michael and I decided to eat at a new restaurant that had opened. We walked past Stockstills and it had become A laundromat. We got to the restaurant and it was clear we should have made reservations but they squeezed us in. The front room had very tall walls and  dinner began that night with a meat and cheese tray with salami and pimento cheese. Something happened that embarrassed me- like I made a fool of myself. I can’t remember the details. But everyone was speaking  to me after dinner about it. Then I met up with a few girls who had a chocolate cake with elaborate hard chocolate designs sticking up off the top. They decided to eat them and offered me one. They were from sororities and so were saying “one for team —-, one for team —–, and one for team barker.” There was also a fraternity boy there. It made me feel “included.” Then they were talking about what to take tailgating The next day for the Ole Miss game and I realized I wasn’t prepared so was going to send a request in to take a half day off.


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