Gassing Up

I was with my parents and we were going to get gas in our cars before a holiday celebration. I was following them but somehow got in front of them in the line. The lanes to pump gas were very narrow and I was worried about scraping the side of my vehicle but once I was in the line it wasn’t as narrow as it looked.

As I was pumping gas, I went inside the building. It was like a dollar general/auto zone mixed together and there was a podium there where an employee is supposed to sit but no one was there. There was a wall of display items (wood with holes and hooks) but it was almost empty. I said to dad that I bet that wall was always sold out because kids come in and see dollar toys they want. 

As I was pulling out and leaving I had to get out of the car and move some branches out of the way so I didn’t run over them.


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