The Show Must Go On

I dreamed that I was at a preview of a band performance. This year it was a combination performance with another school. The intro was very long with the color guards and there was a long time when the rest of the bands came on the field and were not playing. Alex was in an M&M costume. The show wasn’t great and as soon as it was over I went behind the school to go to the bathroom, but ended up coming back. I had to go through an area where people were tailgating. They were getting yelled at for it my being a good show.

Truck and Trailer

I dreamed I was taking Alex to Tyler’s house. I had only been there once or twice but I remembered where it was. You turned in through these big pillars and then pulled into a huge community garage. Once in the garage, Alex jumped on a bicycle to bike the rest of the way to his house. While he was gone people asked me to move my truck because I had just left it (and a trailer) parked in the middle of everything. I was really worried about not wanting to back up with the trailer. Once I moved it, I got out again and this man held up a bird flapping it’s wings to my neck. He was punishing me and it was really unpleasant.

Changing Perspectives

I dreamed I was at a convention. I was riding in a van of people, some that I know and some that I didn’t, but I had grown close to most of them. Mac was driving the van. Bryan was there but he kept missing the activities. We were at one session in a grocery store. There were performances and basketball and it was really entertaining and motivational. After it was over I was watching people. Two women got into a shoving fight. One of them looked familiar and I asked and someone said she was on Judge Judy or another court show. Another person told me they had decided their calling was elder care- specifically nutrition. I suggested they talk to Alison because she was interested in elder nursing and maybe they could partner. Everyone had gone back out to the car but me. I started going out and Mac called and she had moved the van. They were over by a restaurant and bar. When I walked by the bouncer stamped my hand even though I wasn’t going inside. I got in the last row of the van and a black guy I don’t know in real life jumped out to put my bag in the back. The van started driving and I was yelling not to leave him. He ran so fast and leaped into the moving van with a big smile. We all cheered. Then I noticed Mac in the back with us, and I couldn’t figure out who was driving but then I realized another woman was driving.

A Three Hour Tour

I dreamed that we were in a shop and the ship had wrecked. We made it to Mam-ma’s old house but the next ship with the rest of the supplies wasn’t due in for several weeks so we had no communication with the outside world. I tried to go outside because Mam-ma was mowing the yard but in some spots she was mowing and in others there was snow. I had to walk through waist deep water to get from the backyard to the front yard. Then we were in the kitchen and Alex came in the back door with two friends and their mother. Mam-ma was in her nightgown and was embarrassed. He wanted them to come over and play Xbox and she said no. So he went to their house instead. I walked over to talk to him and get him settled. My Netflix remote was on their coffee table in the game room so I took it. I went downstairs and all the adults were getting ready for a big family meal. I was apologizing for being dirty and smelly and explained about the shipwreck. I walked back over and asked Mam-ma if she cared what time he came home and she suggested 15 minutes. I laughed and said that was way too short. I told her we normally let him come home at 10 or 11. She pointed out that’s when he was driving though so walking he could get home earlier. She suggested 8, and I was debating about whether to push it to 9 or 9:30 since she would be in bed.

Ramblings from the Week

I wrote down a few snippets of dreams on paper next to my bed over the last week, but I didn’t write them down in full at the time, so I’m not sure which days the dreams occurred and I don’t remember the details of the dreams.  But here’s what I’ve got:

Dream 1:

car dealer/rental Terry from My Friend’s Place

angry boss

work/office bathroom

pee everywhere dropping from ceiling

no one would help

friend Matthew?





Ok…the only part of this dream I remember clearly was when I went into the bathroom. It was very unclean and there were pools of urine on the floor, and it was on the ceiling dripping down. No matter what I did, I couldn’t escape from getting it on me. It was disgusting and I was so grossed out. This is oddly similar to Camp Capers, where there was also a bathroom and I was getting excrement all over me.

Dream 2:

gone on trip

met guy at apt (?)

reservation at Mexican Villa in Nixa

lost on Highway 116

almost to Fayettville

Almost plane crash

cat hair in apt

Cousins at CVS exchanging —-?

This dream obviously relates to my recent trip back to Springfield. I don’t know what the significant of the number 116 is – that doesn’t mean anything to me.

The Games We Play

Last night I dreamed I was in a live video game. I was taking care of two children – a boy and a girl. I don’t remember them clearly, but it seems like they were spoiled and very bratty. We were playing a live video game. In the game, there were two components, a “story” component that included mysteries that needed to be figured out and a racing part where you were in cars that went very, very fast and the goal was to beat everyone else. The racing was set up as boys vs. girls. There were also dogs involved, though I don’t know how. I started on the story part, and I was in a hallway going through different doors trying to find something. I finished with the racing part, and it was really fun – I was going super fast and didn’t want to stop.

Because I didn’t write the whole dream down when I woke up, I lost a lot of the details. However, I’m certain that this dream stems from my participation in the Women’s March on Jackson yesterday. Obviously, the clear distinction between boys and girls reflects some of the core missions promoted by the march. I also think that most people (on both the left and the right) are acting unprofessionally and unproductively – perhaps aligning with the “naughty” boy and girl in the dream. I definitely feel conflicted between the call for action positioned against the need for meditation and taking time to really understand and listen.

Cooking with Fire

I dreamed that I was going to make spaghetti sauce. I put the water and A can of tomato paste on the stove but never bought the rest of the ingredients. An hour later I looked at it and it was just a watered down mess. I said it would be ok because it only took an hour to cook so I could go get the other ingredients and still have time. 

Then we went to an Ole Miss Football game. When I got there, Aunt Sandy was inside. I was so surprised that her health would be good enough to go to a game. I didn’t go inside though because I was waiting on mom and dad and Michael to arrive. Mom got there and we went to get a Diet Coke. I looked and they also had some unusual soda options. I don’t remember now what they were. We sat in a small air conditioned room drinking the soda and it was very cold.