The Show Must Go On

I dreamed we were going to a show – maybe on a cruise ship or maybe in a theater. There was a talent show an Tyrus wanted to participate. I was worried he wouldn’t be any good but he was in drag and got up and started singing and he had a good voice. Then he turned the song into a parody that was cracking everyone up. He had others in the show too but when the second person came out they cut off the music. We were furious and didn’t know if it was because he was in drag or some other reason. We began protesting and threatening legal action. The first person we spoke to tried to quote the rules but didn’t know I had reviewed them all. There was nothing to support their decision to stop the show. We escalated to the manager of the cruise line and meanwhile there became a grass roots movement to boycott the show completely. I was evaluating if I could stay on the ship for several weeks to pass out notes to all the cabins. I suggested to Tyrus that he might want to find a gay club to do his show because I thought they might appreciate the humor more. I woke up angry.

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