Un”conventional” Medicine

It’s been a long time since I’ve written down chicken scratches on a pad by my bed. Last night I “woke up” several times with snippets of dreams, but I couldn’t pull myself out from behind the veil of sleep to actually write them down.

My issue is compounded by the fact that I’m not even interpreting these notes until 16 hours later, so… this dream will leave a little to be desired.

The notes I can read are:


copy room

permission (or maybe parmesan)

Pills to share




I remember being at a work convention with my boss Elizabeth. It was very stressful and I feel like I wasn’t prepared to complete the readouts. I was looking for a copier or a printer, and I was running through the halls and couldn’t find one to use. I felt like it had been set up in a temporary room and that it had moved. I was very worried about being late.

At one point I was talking with EO (maybe we were back in our hotel room?) and I was trying to take pills. There were some tiny ones in the bottom of the pill bottle, plus other larger ones. Some of them had turned to dust, and so it was really hard to find the little ones, as they were blending in with the dust. When I tried to get them out I made a mess.

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