Changing Perspectives

I dreamed I was at a convention. I was riding in a van of people, some that I know and some that I didn’t, but I had grown close to most of them. Mac was driving the van. Bryan was there but he kept missing the activities. We were at one session in a grocery store. There were performances and basketball and it was really entertaining and motivational. After it was over I was watching people. Two women got into a shoving fight. One of them looked familiar and I asked and someone said she was on Judge Judy or another court show. Another person told me they had decided their calling was elder care- specifically nutrition. I suggested they talk to Alison because she was interested in elder nursing and maybe they could partner. Everyone had gone back out to the car but me. I started going out and Mac called and she had moved the van. They were over by a restaurant and bar. When I walked by the bouncer stamped my hand even though I wasn’t going inside. I got in the last row of the van and a black guy I don’t know in real life jumped out to put my bag in the back. The van started driving and I was yelling not to leave him. He ran so fast and leaped into the moving van with a big smile. We all cheered. Then I noticed Mac in the back with us, and I couldn’t figure out who was driving but then I realized another woman was driving.


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