A Trippy Trip

I dreamed that I was on a trip. We went to a museum (?) or maybe a shop and discovered a row of buried items. The first, we cleared off around a buried metal plate and realized that it was a person or maybe an animal buried there. Next to it, there was a shoebox sized box. My friend opened it and there was someone in it dying. I left at that point.

Then we found out that our boss (?) or leader (?) was going to get to be filmed in a White House press conference but only people who were size 11 or smaller could participate. The rest of us were asked to use the time to go to the gym, and that offended me.

Then we were in a mall watching a speaker. There was a craftsman making skirts from scarves. He would twist one and then tie others to it. First, I thought I could make one but it was harder than it looked. He told me to pick out 4 other scarves with yellow dots on the back and there was a woman who would finish it. I felt rude getting up to shop in the middle of the presentation but I wanted to make sure they had time to finish. I couldn’t find the lady and her scarves so she came over and got me to show me where they had moved.


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