The Great Escape

I dreamed that I had been in a game- you were inside in the dark and had to find our way out. I had tried over and over and never succeeded. Then I was in a building that was a multipurpose complete with a huge gym and I recognized the smell and knew that’s where the game was. So I was able to look from the outside and I saw people jumping off the roof. There were some who jumped free form and some who were in chairs being dropped. It was clear this was a part of the game though. So I went back across the street and the entrance was through a bathroom stall (almost like an outhouse.) They were dirty and I went in the wrong one first, but then I got in the right one that transported me. Now that I knew the basic layout of the building, it was easier for me to find my way to the top of the building to jump. I was with someone (maybe Michael) but I don’t remember for sure.

Then the dream switched gears and I was with Kathy in the airport. I was having a hard time keeping up with her and I kept losing her. Then I stopped at a kiosk that sold lottery tickets, but the lady scratched them for you. You didn’t even see the results before she threw them away. Clay was there and there was something about an elephant.


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