Time To Resume

I was at a house getting ready for a festival of some sort. It was a big empty house and I was going up and downstairs. There were neat old clocks that didn’t work scattered around on the floor. The day of the festival, we went to a booth and were with Emily and Rob. At the booth they fixed old clocks. I was upset that I didn’t realize that’s what they were for and Emily bought a plain white plastic clock.

There was something about filmmaking in the dream but I don’t remember what.

We went back inside the house and Rob had given gifts to me and Emily. She was disappointed in hers- it was stationary. I thought it was cute- colorful spiral bound notebooks. I had opened part of mine but not a small wrapped package in the gift bag. It was a notepad and you could write on it and at the top it had games you could play. I was really excited.

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