Litigation and other crap

I dreamed that Michael handed me an old folder and asked me to follow up on it. When I looked at it, it was an old lawyer file. I met with the lawyer and we had a second office. next to Michael’s downstairs. It was light and airy and painted buttery yellow. The lawsuit had to do with a backpack and was several years before. The woman who had been working on it was no longer with the company. First I said I just wanted my retainer back but then I realized that some kid was suing us. So they left and were going to try to get the kid to drop the case. As they were leaving they pointed out that our kitchen (which was the old kitchen from my childhood house in Halfway) had piles or horse poop in it. The lady tried to sweep up outside and I got a broom and swept up in the kitchen but it was wet and just smeared.

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