The Eye of the Storm

I had a weirdly specific dream. I was in a train and we were going through terrible storms. We went through tornados and then got hit with a terrible blast of lightening. I was in a train car with three friends and one of the guys made shelter under a mattress for us. Eventually we were rescued and taken to a military hut that was off the grid. It smelled a little funny maybe because we were filtering our own waste but it had hot showers which was amazing. Kathy J and I shared a bathroom. We had lost communication with the rest of the country so I didn’t know if my family was alive or not. As I started to heal I started to do more work- I gave a presentation to a group of people in a school setting. I didn’t feel prepared with the slides but I was really familiar with the process so I thought I could wing it. Then I started going out on search and rescue missions. Right before I woke up we realized that we were with a friend who had been so injured he wasn’t recognizeable. He knew us but didn’t let us know.

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