Murder She Dreamed

I dreamed that I was traveling and had come back to work. The office was set up kind of like the Opinion Center – in the mall and you walk in the front and into a long hall with doors along the right side. I was wearing a pantsuit and some black high-heeled sandals that made me look really thin. There was a woman visiting, and I went next door and told them she needed to buy yellow shoes and they should give her high heels. I said I wanted flats, so they gave me yellow striped socks. When the woman walked in, she wanted the striped socks too. We made plans to go to dinner, and she left to get her things. Then suddenly I heard blood curdling screams. I ran back into the office, and James (from the church) was there mopping the floors. I asked if the screams had come from in there, and he didn’t know. I was sure she was being murdered and I was afraid to go look. I woke up.

When I went back to sleep, I was in my childhood home in Halfway. I was asleep in my mom and dad’s bedroom, and Shirley’s dog was in the bed with me. She started barking like crazy and I looked out the window. There were headlights and cars overturned in the yard. I thought I was going to be shot. I called 911, and I realized I didn’t know their address anymore, but they knew where I was calling from. They said everything was safe now, and I looked and the dog had stopped barking, so I figured it must be. I wondered where Shirley was and if she was the one who had been murdered in my last dream.


Sin and Salvation in the Zombieverse

I dreamed that we somehow entered an alternative universe. All the same people were there but without our memories. Donna was there. I dreamed that we were sitting in a large stadium and something was happening where people were being judged. In order to be spared, you had to have a yellow flag. Everyone I knew and respected was not being saved. The man I unfriended from Facebook was there and he was saved but his wife was not. She went down and was protesting and disputing and we told him “Don’t worry. We’ll save her.” One of my friend’s figured out that when they asked if you were guilty of anything, instead of standing up, you had to stay seated. Of course it was a lie because we are all guilty of something. But when we did that something flew over and gave us little yellow flags. We were the last three to be saved As we were leaving the stadium we didn’t know where to go but decided to go into a park. We were walking out and wondered where all the guilty people were. We saw large lumpy bags and assumed they were killed and put in the bags. In the park there were two zombies slowly following us at a distance. It’s like they knew we were frauds. My friend (a male I don’t know irl) and I had gotten pretty far ahead by getting off the path but my friend Marie was pushing the baby carriage and had to stay on the curvy sidewalk. The female zombie started attacking her so we went back. I was sitting in a wheelchair suddenly but had a purse. I was swinging the purse at her but it wasn’t helping. The male zombie grabbed the purse and started pulling me away. I grabbed a curtain rod (not sure where it came from since we were outside) and killed him by bashing his head with the curtain rod. Then the guy and I killed the woman zombie the same way. I woke up the , but with a feeling of being lost and no plans for a happy future.

Knifey Knightmare

I had a horrible dream today. I was going to apply for a job selling knives to restaurants. I got to the interview and there was a large white snake there that not everyone could see. I had a weird tingling feeling all up and down my spine. I got into the interview and somehow I knew I was being set up (it’s almost like I had this dream before, but I don’t think I had.) When it came time for the mock sale, a man came in and set down with his knife set. Inside the case it was a mixture of knives and needles. He made it very clear that they were used to kill people. He talked about where to cut to kill someone fast. He made it sound like he was talking about butchering animals but I knew he meant people. My first job was helping them transport several sets of the knives across country. There was a big flatbed truck with many sets hidden in it. On the flatbed was other food. Each night we would stop and camp and they cooked meals. I wouldn’t eat the meat because I knew it was human meat. Eventually I tasted a piece and it was tough. The police stopped and searched us but didn’t find anything. After that I started smuggling drugs. Again the police kept almost finding things but didn’t. It was awful. I had a sucker that was laced with drugs. I wasn’t using them but just transporting them. The last thing before my alarm went off was I had gotten on a plane. I knew that was where I was either going to get caught or killed but I couldn’t stop the dream sequence. It was a terrible nightmare.

The Eye of the Storm

I had a weirdly specific dream. I was in a train and we were going through terrible storms. We went through tornados and then got hit with a terrible blast of lightening. I was in a train car with three friends and one of the guys made shelter under a mattress for us. Eventually we were rescued and taken to a military hut that was off the grid. It smelled a little funny maybe because we were filtering our own waste but it had hot showers which was amazing. Kathy J and I shared a bathroom. We had lost communication with the rest of the country so I didn’t know if my family was alive or not. As I started to heal I started to do more work- I gave a presentation to a group of people in a school setting. I didn’t feel prepared with the slides but I was really familiar with the process so I thought I could wing it. Then I started going out on search and rescue missions. Right before I woke up we realized that we were with a friend who had been so injured he wasn’t recognizeable. He knew us but didn’t let us know.


I dreamed I went into a room and the floor was covered with live crickets. I was horrified and I tried to get a broom and brush them away but I was sure that they were going to hop on me. Then I found a duffel bag and it was covered in crickets so I wondered if they were coming from inside it. I grabbed it and threw it in the hall.

Baby Talk

I dreamed I was at the church. James had been saying that there was a ghost, and no one believed him. It was dark out, and we had gone into an outdoor kitchen of sorts. I was trying to write processes. There was a family there with a baby, and suddenly the baby started making a fake, mechanical crying sound. When I got closer, it started singing this song about being a ghost. I freaked out and ran away. I tried to tell everyone about it, and no one believed me. I eventually went back in the room and they were there holding the baby. This time, it sounded like a real baby. But as they started to walk out, the baby started speaking to me in adult language with big words, and I panicked again.

The hole

I had a terrible dream that I was in a prison of sorts.  I think we could leave, but it was like a work camp. There was a really deep hole, and there was a man there that was trying to take control. He would throw people down into the hole. The only way out was to use these pots and pans and put them on your hands and climb out using small rock-climbing handholds. It was extremely deep and I didn’t think I would be able to make it out. When you were down there, you got no food, and so most people would die. Despite the risk of being thrown in, I stood up to the man and tried to protect the others who were there. We pushed him down in the pit, but somehow he kept getting out. I wished that he would have his legs broken so he would die. It was a terrible feeling – a mixture of fear and desperation that led me to wanting someone to die. I woke up feeling terrible.

Runaway Lawn Mower

I dreamed that we were leaving and someone was going to House sit for us. I was debating about whether we should ask them to mow the lawn with a hand mower. All of a sudden a riding mower went by with no one on it. I was horrified and afraid it had run over my baby. I just kept yelling “the baby, the baby.” I ran and followed the trail and there was a dog lying on top of another dog who had been hit. He had a chunk out of his hip but the injury didn’t look life threatening. I woke up before I could find the children.

The alter-ego of drugs

I had a terrible dream. Alex had been acting strangely. I came in and he asked to do something and I said no. He started sobbing and shaking and rocking hysterically. Come to find out he was on drugs. He went to rehab and when he came back he wanted to go running through the alleys with friends but we wouldn’t let him for fear he would find drugs. We were worried there were drugs hidden at the house too. Then we found these tiny dolls that you could hold in your hand. He freaked out and bit their heads off. I somehow knew they were alive and had something to do with the drugs. He wanted to swallow their heads and I said no that I would flush them down the toilet. When I went into the bathroom though, someone had an accident and there was poop and vomit everywhere. When I flushed the toilet it just kept coming back up. It was terrible and I was afraid I would never be able to get rid of the dolls. We were in another house somewhere and Alex really wanted to fly home. We were considering it but then realized that his mom wasn’t going to be in town and neither of us would be. We felt like he wanted to just move out and live on his own. It was sad and scary and we weren’t sure what to do.