The Great Escape

I dreamed that I had been in a game- you were inside in the dark and had to find our way out. I had tried over and over and never succeeded. Then I was in a building that was a multipurpose complete with a huge gym and I recognized the smell and knew that’s where the game was. So I was able to look from the outside and I saw people jumping off the roof. There were some who jumped free form and some who were in chairs being dropped. It was clear this was a part of the game though. So I went back across the street and the entrance was through a bathroom stall (almost like an outhouse.) They were dirty and I went in the wrong one first, but then I got in the right one that transported me. Now that I knew the basic layout of the building, it was easier for me to find my way to the top of the building to jump. I was with someone (maybe Michael) but I don’t remember for sure.

Then the dream switched gears and I was with Kathy in the airport. I was having a hard time keeping up with her and I kept losing her. Then I stopped at a kiosk that sold lottery tickets, but the lady scratched them for you. You didn’t even see the results before she threw them away. Clay was there and there was something about an elephant.


A Trippy Trip

I dreamed that I was on a trip. We went to a museum (?) or maybe a shop and discovered a row of buried items. The first, we cleared off around a buried metal plate and realized that it was a person or maybe an animal buried there. Next to it, there was a shoebox sized box. My friend opened it and there was someone in it dying. I left at that point.

Then we found out that our boss (?) or leader (?) was going to get to be filmed in a White House press conference but only people who were size 11 or smaller could participate. The rest of us were asked to use the time to go to the gym, and that offended me.

Then we were in a mall watching a speaker. There was a craftsman making skirts from scarves. He would twist one and then tie others to it. First, I thought I could make one but it was harder than it looked. He told me to pick out 4 other scarves with yellow dots on the back and there was a woman who would finish it. I felt rude getting up to shop in the middle of the presentation but I wanted to make sure they had time to finish. I couldn’t find the lady and her scarves so she came over and got me to show me where they had moved.

Trumping the System

I dreamed that a war was imenent. I was taking messages back and forth to people. Then suddenly Donald Trump was there and he handed a note directly to the other side. I was frantic because no one knew what the note said and I was certain that bypassing the process would lead to disaster. Then I woke up!

The Show Must Go On

I dreamed that I was at a preview of a band performance. This year it was a combination performance with another school. The intro was very long with the color guards and there was a long time when the rest of the bands came on the field and were not playing. Alex was in an M&M costume. The show wasn’t great and as soon as it was over I went behind the school to go to the bathroom, but ended up coming back. I had to go through an area where people were tailgating. They were getting yelled at for it my being a good show.

Truck and Trailer

I dreamed I was taking Alex to Tyler’s house. I had only been there once or twice but I remembered where it was. You turned in through these big pillars and then pulled into a huge community garage. Once in the garage, Alex jumped on a bicycle to bike the rest of the way to his house. While he was gone people asked me to move my truck because I had just left it (and a trailer) parked in the middle of everything. I was really worried about not wanting to back up with the trailer. Once I moved it, I got out again and this man held up a bird flapping it’s wings to my neck. He was punishing me and it was really unpleasant.

Changing Perspectives

I dreamed I was at a convention. I was riding in a van of people, some that I know and some that I didn’t, but I had grown close to most of them. Mac was driving the van. Bryan was there but he kept missing the activities. We were at one session in a grocery store. There were performances and basketball and it was really entertaining and motivational. After it was over I was watching people. Two women got into a shoving fight. One of them looked familiar and I asked and someone said she was on Judge Judy or another court show. Another person told me they had decided their calling was elder care- specifically nutrition. I suggested they talk to Alison because she was interested in elder nursing and maybe they could partner. Everyone had gone back out to the car but me. I started going out and Mac called and she had moved the van. They were over by a restaurant and bar. When I walked by the bouncer stamped my hand even though I wasn’t going inside. I got in the last row of the van and a black guy I don’t know in real life jumped out to put my bag in the back. The van started driving and I was yelling not to leave him. He ran so fast and leaped into the moving van with a big smile. We all cheered. Then I noticed Mac in the back with us, and I couldn’t figure out who was driving but then I realized another woman was driving.

Cooking with Fire

I dreamed that I was going to make spaghetti sauce. I put the water and A can of tomato paste on the stove but never bought the rest of the ingredients. An hour later I looked at it and it was just a watered down mess. I said it would be ok because it only took an hour to cook so I could go get the other ingredients and still have time. 

Then we went to an Ole Miss Football game. When I got there, Aunt Sandy was inside. I was so surprised that her health would be good enough to go to a game. I didn’t go inside though because I was waiting on mom and dad and Michael to arrive. Mom got there and we went to get a Diet Coke. I looked and they also had some unusual soda options. I don’t remember now what they were. We sat in a small air conditioned room drinking the soda and it was very cold.