The Game of Life

I was at work and was chosen as one of seven people for a new team. It hadn’t officially started yet and they were trying to get access so we could do both programs but that wasn’t working. I went into the room (it was set up in a conference room with two rows of seats on each side of the table.) I put my stack of things in the best chair right in front of the door. I left and when I came back in someone else had also put their stuff there. I went to move it and spilled m&m’s. I told her I might have some more and then I grabbed two packs out of her purse without realizing it. Once I realized I told her I would bring her some from home. Then I moved my things to sit by Brent at the end of the table. Other than us, everyone else was really young. I realized that I had to use Tik Tok to provide support and that was the platform we were supporting. They said the developers were providing support themselves and they were too brilliant and should be developing new software. Some of the others already had books (this had turned into a class) but I didn’t know where to get the books. I realized there were some handouts I hadn’t read and I realized I had to really up my game to keep up since this stuff was coming naturally to others but not to me. At the end of class, I asked the teacher where the bookstore was. She said she would take me. She apologized for assuming we knew the basics. As we walked through the school it was amazing. It was huge and had so many neat shops along the way. It was like walking through a mall with neat novelty stores, not a school. We finally got to the “store” and she said there were six books that would total about $300. She started pulling them out but they all looked like games. Then her son came up. He had a really frizzy afro and looked to be about 8. He sat down and we started playing. It was a role playing game, and I was still trying to understand the instructions but they were very helpful. Each card had explicit instructions but mine also had a scrambled sentence too. It was something about going to the inn. The son told me a story about playing this game with Isabel and asked me if I knew her. I said yes, and that made him happy.

Escape from the cruise

I dreamed I was being held captive on a cruise ship. I was in love with the captain but my mom had me locked up. Somehow I got her high so she was on the ground and grabbing at my legs but couldn’t grasp me and I escaped. The captain somehow turned into a male version of me and we jumped into the water. The ship started doing a search in the area but we escaped to another nearby country. We (having been the same person) had been studying the native language of the country for all our lives and we thought we were going to live happily ever after. Aww lived in a castle and things were going well. But somehow people found us and alerted the nation who we were. I was cornered by someone and rather than be turned in I jumped out the window. Just as I was about to land and die I woke up.

Office Suite Life

We had these new offices at work. They were very nice glass enclosed rooms and they had a bed in every office and maybe a private bathroom. Elizabeth has left us all a bunch of gifts- candy and toys. Mine includes a plastic charm bracelet that had a price tag of several hundred dollars. We were having a meeting and I was upset about a project and had a question but the team leader wouldn’t answer me. She kept saying “I’m not going to tell you which looks better.” I was so mad and threatened to go to her dad.

Saddle Up

I dreamed that we were back at the old house in Halfway. Michael asked someone to saddle a horse for me so I could ride. I told them I could do it but then I thought there might be a snake under the saddle and so I was afraid to go into the chicken house.

Friends, Foes and Family

I dreamed I was in a strange relationship. I was in an unfamiliar place and I was with a man (or men) I was attracted to but they appeared to be holding me and other women hostage. I don’t remember all the details. At some points they seemed very kind and caring while at other times (or maybe when they weren’t around) we were treated terribly. At one point I tried to escape but we were on the roof of a building.

In another part of the same dream I was in a shopping mall with a guy. We were running really fast and he would spin me around or we would launch off a ramp so it felt like I was flying. It was really fun. Michael was there and we were looking for specific things to buy from a specific person in a store.

In another part of the dream we were in this large home and there was going to be a wedding. We were concerned not all of the 800 guests would fit and we were running behind on decorations (yellow roses.)

In another part I was visiting the call center in Jamaica. I couldn’t find anyone I knew but eventually found some people on our program that I sat with. Again, there was a man there- same feeling as the “good” captor in the first part.


I dreamed that I was at the top of a building and someone was trying to convince me to get in these super fast go carts. You weren’t supposed to get in at the top but they let me and they weren’t even going to charge me. I did pay $20 though. I started going down through the different levels of the building and going through the different obstacles. The first few were practice so you could stop abruptly on a piece of metal or bump a target to open a door. I was wearing a skirt which was also weird. At the bottom the guy who was mad about me starting at the top had forgiven me.

Money and Matrimony

I had a dream where I was trying to collect payment from a group of people and I had a list of credit cards but was trying to validate the info securely.

I had also made a joke about “skinning a cat” and so think some people were taking it seriously.

I also dreamed that my friend (maybe Bets) wanted to get married. so wore a white pantsuit and she wore a white dress. Michael performed the ceremony and I was concerned it wasn’t legitimate but they were adamant that we were the only ones they wanted there.

Mini Dreams…

I had several short dreams….

In one, I had been asleep and Buster woke me up. My heart rate had dropped very low and I had apparently called Priscilla, who was in the medical field, for help. It was determined I was fine and there was nothing to do.

Then I had gotten up in the morning and Alison was there. We left to go get food for breakfast but it was really a ploy to get us out of the house. When we got back, someone had brought back a crazy new keyboard from the Apple store. air was rainbow colored and had very unusual shapes. Michael was super excited.

Then we went to Kroger and I was naked. I grabbed a towel that was for sale on the way in and wrapped myself in it but I was still very self conscious. We went back to a waiting room and on the way a lady introduced herself. I refused to stop and shake her hand since I was in a towel but she seemed to understand. In the waiting room, people were vaping and Michael was smoking and ali couldn’t breathe. Michael was buying some big piece of construction. equipment and was learning how to drive it. I sat down on a weird double chair to wait. At one point I got up on the equipment and almost got my arm crushed so I got down fast.

Finally there was a woman staying with us. She kept saying things on my behalf like “She really called you down here to empty the dishwasher.” But I hadn’t. She made it sound like she was helping me but I finally told her to stop putting words in my mouth that if I needed something I would ask for it.