Money and Matrimony

I had a dream where I was trying to collect payment from a group of people and I had a list of credit cards but was trying to validate the info securely.

I had also made a joke about “skinning a cat” and so think some people were taking it seriously.

I also dreamed that my friend (maybe Bets) wanted to get married. so wore a white pantsuit and she wore a white dress. Michael performed the ceremony and I was concerned it wasn’t legitimate but they were adamant that we were the only ones they wanted there.

Mini Dreams…

I had several short dreams….

In one, I had been asleep and Buster woke me up. My heart rate had dropped very low and I had apparently called Priscilla, who was in the medical field, for help. It was determined I was fine and there was nothing to do.

Then I had gotten up in the morning and Alison was there. We left to go get food for breakfast but it was really a ploy to get us out of the house. When we got back, someone had brought back a crazy new keyboard from the Apple store. air was rainbow colored and had very unusual shapes. Michael was super excited.

Then we went to Kroger and I was naked. I grabbed a towel that was for sale on the way in and wrapped myself in it but I was still very self conscious. We went back to a waiting room and on the way a lady introduced herself. I refused to stop and shake her hand since I was in a towel but she seemed to understand. In the waiting room, people were vaping and Michael was smoking and ali couldn’t breathe. Michael was buying some big piece of construction. equipment and was learning how to drive it. I sat down on a weird double chair to wait. At one point I got up on the equipment and almost got my arm crushed so I got down fast.

Finally there was a woman staying with us. She kept saying things on my behalf like “She really called you down here to empty the dishwasher.” But I hadn’t. She made it sound like she was helping me but I finally told her to stop putting words in my mouth that if I needed something I would ask for it.

The Search for Solutions

I dreamed that someone (a couple) was coming to stay in my granny’s house. When they pulled up they saw a broken rosary hanging in one of the windows and said they wouldn’t stay in that room. I couldn’t tell from the outside which room that was in but we promised they could stay in a different room.

Evidently, I knew that the house (or at least part of the rooms) were haunted but I didn’t tell them. We started to set them up in Granny’s room and then realized that the bed was a single bed and it was weird- not a normal mattress but a leather-like hospital bed. Also there was a bench in the room covered in mouse poop. So we switched them to a different room but that was the one with the broken rosary.

Before I could reach a resolution on that dream, it switched and mom and dad were visiting. Suddenly they were the ones looking for a room and we told Dylan that the only logical choice was for them to stay with him in his apartment. (which he doesn’t have IRL) He didn’t want anyone staying with him.

Also woven in, there was an escape room. Apparently I had a group of friends and every week we would go to an escape room. We had almost mastered one but sometimes still made a mistake. While mom was in town we were going to go to a different one.

On the way I stopped at a library to get a library card. It was a difficult process but we got it done. It required filling out several forms and finding certain books and scanning pages.

We then left for dinner.

Mall Rats (or Bears)

I dreamed I was in a shopping mall. A big portion of it was under construction but a male friend and I were walking through it to the end. We got to the end of the mall and went down a flight of stairs. They were building what appeared to be a theater there for some sort of live show. It looked like it was set in medieval times based on the decor and there was a giant door handle on the floor as though it was accidentally left there as a clue. We were really excited and intrigued but then a teaser came on and it started medieval-like but then turned into a kids show featuring Teddy Ruxpin singing boy band songs. Everyone was disappointed and started leaving.

I got in the car with my friend and as we were driving around an alarm went off and the door on a cage in the back seat (where I was sitting) opened. A dog was inside and I was afraid he was going to bite me! But My friend said he was friendly and he was. He was ting and adorable and snuggly. After a few minutes he got back in his cage and mini blinds came down. I noticed before they closed that there was also food being stored in the dog kennel and the dog was laying on it (cabbage, potatoes, etc)

The Great Escape

I dreamed that I had been in a game- you were inside in the dark and had to find our way out. I had tried over and over and never succeeded. Then I was in a building that was a multipurpose complete with a huge gym and I recognized the smell and knew that’s where the game was. So I was able to look from the outside and I saw people jumping off the roof. There were some who jumped free form and some who were in chairs being dropped. It was clear this was a part of the game though. So I went back across the street and the entrance was through a bathroom stall (almost like an outhouse.) They were dirty and I went in the wrong one first, but then I got in the right one that transported me. Now that I knew the basic layout of the building, it was easier for me to find my way to the top of the building to jump. I was with someone (maybe Michael) but I don’t remember for sure.

Then the dream switched gears and I was with Kathy in the airport. I was having a hard time keeping up with her and I kept losing her. Then I stopped at a kiosk that sold lottery tickets, but the lady scratched them for you. You didn’t even see the results before she threw them away. Clay was there and there was something about an elephant.

A Trippy Trip

I dreamed that I was on a trip. We went to a museum (?) or maybe a shop and discovered a row of buried items. The first, we cleared off around a buried metal plate and realized that it was a person or maybe an animal buried there. Next to it, there was a shoebox sized box. My friend opened it and there was someone in it dying. I left at that point.

Then we found out that our boss (?) or leader (?) was going to get to be filmed in a White House press conference but only people who were size 11 or smaller could participate. The rest of us were asked to use the time to go to the gym, and that offended me.

Then we were in a mall watching a speaker. There was a craftsman making skirts from scarves. He would twist one and then tie others to it. First, I thought I could make one but it was harder than it looked. He told me to pick out 4 other scarves with yellow dots on the back and there was a woman who would finish it. I felt rude getting up to shop in the middle of the presentation but I wanted to make sure they had time to finish. I couldn’t find the lady and her scarves so she came over and got me to show me where they had moved.

Trumping the System

I dreamed that a war was imenent. I was taking messages back and forth to people. Then suddenly Donald Trump was there and he handed a note directly to the other side. I was frantic because no one knew what the note said and I was certain that bypassing the process would lead to disaster. Then I woke up!