Time Passing for the Apple of my Eye

I was staying in a dorm room with a group of people. I was sleeping in a big king bed with two other people and there was another room with two queen beds in it. It wasn’t my dorm room, but I was staying and helping keep it clean. I started doing laundry and had three loads of laundry to do. I had started the first two and the third was in the washer. A neighbor came out and wanted to use it and I told him I was done. I put my last load (towels) in the dryer. Then I went to take out the trash but had a hard time finding the correct trash chute. There were a bunch of different ones (some were recycling, but others were for disposing is really obscure things.)

On my way back in, the parents of the guy whose dorm room it was came to visit. I remember wondering if I needed to go stay with Mam-ma so they had somewhere to sleep but then I realized they wouldn’t sleep in a bed with other people so it didn’t really matter.

The father was from India and I had gotten him a gift. It was a wooden watch. When you pushed a button on the top, the front twisted off and popped up and a wooden apple popped out. The first time it fell and landed on the floor but then the father did it again and caught it when it popped out. He was delighted with the gift.

They wanted to go to dinner but the laundry was still in. I went to check the last one and a couple of towels were still wet. I debated about asking the neighbor to take them to the door when they were done but I thought someone would steal them so instead I just took them inside still damp.


I was with my old high school friend Jenny driving in the town I grew up in. We started on AA highway which is where she used to live, then went past Burns and to my old house. Everything had changed of course. I was describing it like it was when I was a child, even though obviously she had been there too. We pulled in the driveway of my old house (which has been torn down in real life.)  The new house was beautiful but I didn’t want to stop and talk to anyone so we turned around and kept going. I got a call from Lynette and she said she was calling from Iowa and wanted to come visit. I first said, “I didn’t know you were going to be in the US!” But then I opened my calendar and had written it down. Jenny and I looked at our schedules and confirmed days with her. By this time we had gone to Walmart and were sitting on a bench in their entry area. We had three puppies with us.  Lynette also wanted to make arrangements to see David (who she called David Baby) and Cynthia. There was a lady in front of us playing with one of the puppies on the floor and she looked just like Cynthia but it wasn’t. I called her name once and she didn’t respond. As she left she spoke to us and said her name is Tanya. I felt bad that I hadn’t talked to either of them. I kept forgetting things, even my phone number. I left to go to the bathroom and couldn’t get my iPad turned off when I came back.

Search and Run- another Travel Tale

Michael, Austin and I were supposed to be leaving at 4pm for a 3 day trip to Mexico. We were running late anyway, but we still had a few hours so I stopped to geocache. There was a warehouse building but when I went inside it was a restaurant. Brent (?) met me there. We were looking for it and there were two others there as well – one who was represented by a cat emoji in the app and one who came up and touched my shoulders. We never found it- I thought it was under a canopy where there was a fountain with unicorns on the edges. When you touched the edge the unicorns began moving.  But we never found it.

When we left, I had to ride a bike to get somewhere. It had no handle bars and was dark. Then I was with Austin and he wanted to stop for food so we went back to the geocaching place. He ate dinner and then ordered an ice cream sunday. Someone pointed at the clock and it was 4:20. I started freaking out and the lady in the restaurant said she was on the same flight and it didn’t leave until 4 am. I didn’t think that was right so I called Michael and he said no, that he and mom and dad were on the plane waiting for us. I started screaming at Austin to hurry. We got in my car and he wanted to drive, but then he started driving crazy and going down the wrong side of the interstate. He was hitting things and I dreamed at him to stop the f*ing car. I was so mad I was crying. When he stopped so I could drive I saw the back end was all bent up again and wouldn’t close properly. Then he told me it was a prank and. This wasn’t even my car, so I was fine.

We went rushing to the airport and  when we got there we were 30 or 40 minutes late . I told Austin to run through the airport and we were trying to find the gate on our boarding passes. We didn’t have to clear security- somehow we came in through a back entrance to the airport. When we got to the gate, no one was there so I ran onto the jet bridge and begged to be let on. She let us on with no issue. As we walked in, there was a big shelf on the wall that had presents and wrapping paper that you could take. I saw stuffed animals and beach towels. At the end of the jet bridge there were showers and restrooms. There were 4 entrances to choose from to get into the aircraft. As we went on (I think we chose the second one) I heard the flight attendant accusing someone in the restroom of trying to sneak on. She told them that she just let the Barkers on, but that we had family already on the plane waiting for us.

Game of No’s…. A Bad Lesson in Good Preparation

I was supposed to give a workshop. It was three parts- part 1,2, and 3. Part one was in one location (in a conference room at a work setting), then we had to move for part two (to a classroom), then 3 was back in the original. When I went to part two there was an old man who put my box of supplies in a box elevator so I didn’t have to carry it upstairs. I was not well prepared. I completed them out of order and was not thorough. As I was playing the video, I realized I didn’t make copies for people so I tried to pin up the handouts but no one could see them.  I didn’t realize that the guest speaker in part two was famous (the topic was symbolism in Game of Thrones) and there was an actor who spoke to the group but he hadn’t been introduced to what I’ve seen yet- he doesn’t come until a later season. On the way back to the third part, Kathy J was driving me. We pulled into the church parking lot and my old Sitel sales team was there. I was so sad that I hadn’t known they were visiting because now I didn’t have time to see them before they left and went back to India. When we got to the entrance, all the parking spots were full (we were now in a mall-like building not the church.) Kathy had to park in a circle dive. As I got out she gave me $5 so I stopped to get a Diet Coke in the food court of this office. There were long lines at most places and so I went to a new place where the server was on my side of the counter trying to reach over. They served the drinks in plastic bottles that were cut with a knife and then compressed. I gave them $10 to pay and they tried not to give me change. Then I said I needed change so they tried to charge me $3.75. I was furious because it was tiny. I got a small cup from the next stand and it barely filled that up even though they argued that it was large. The drink next door was $.75. When I got into the room, I realized no one was there and so I had to talk to the leader about what to do and I was wondering if I should apologize to the participants for being so ill-prepared.

“We’re not saving lives here”

I just realized I never transcribed my dream from Saturday, so here goes… since it’s now Monday, I don’t actually remember having the dream, so I can just share what I wrote.

in hospital but at work.  Everyone had been asked to share their hospital flowers, but not everyone did (only 3 people.)  Remedy (a tool we use at work) was going down and I was being asked to authorize it.  Mom was there and men that I didn’t know.

A quick footnote about the title I chose for this:  I work in customer service for a telecommunications company, and often, when I get stressed out, someone will say something like “We’re not flying airplanes here” or “We’re not saving lives here” – meaning, if I make a mistake, it’s not going to hurt anyone.  In this particular dream, the decision I made could have hurt someone, so that’s why I chose this title.


The gift of the magi?

The first dream that I remember, Michael and the kids and I were all on a trip.  We were either in Mexico, or perhaps Honduras.  We were in a hotel room packing up to go home, and someone knocked on the door.  It was three young boys.  They had a baby elephant with them, and they gave me a handful of American money (A ten and some ones.)  I asked what this was, and they said it was a gift.  I thanked them, and I said I would come up with a good way to pass it along.  The main boy gave me a pamphlet, and said his name was Miguel.  A little while later, they came back, and gave even more money.  I was really disturbed and I didn’t want to take the money from them.  At some point, I looked at the pamphlet and it told the story about the elephant and what they were doing, but I can’t remember the story now.

Across the street from the hotel, there was a big community center.  It was designed for teens, and had roller skating, bowling, and all sorts of other things.  You had to be 16 to go on your own, because I was telling someone that this was the first year that Alex and Dylan could go without us.

When we left from our trip, Austin went on his own trip to Mexico-he had booked everything himself.  We told Dad about it, and Michael said that if he was going to do this often, we should buy a timeshare.  Dad said we didn’t need that.

Once I had gotten home from the trip, and went straight to set up for the baby shower.  We had 3 hours to get ready, but there were people already sitting at tables as we were setting up (guests!)  There were 12 tables set up rather than the 8 I had planned for, and I was stressed about not having enough decorations.  But then someone else had brought some of the same wooden cutouts as I had.  Also, I had large stencils and “snow” for windows to put umbrellas (I guess because it’s a baby “shower”?)  on one of the tables, they had set up a grand piano on the table as a centerpiece.  It was just beautiful, with multiple layers of table clothes.  Even on the regular tables, there were lacy tablecloths and they were looking very pretty.  I realized that I hadn’t done anything I had committed to do – there were no flowers, I hadn’t located the vases, I hadn’t printed the stickers and signs for the games, and I hadn’t made the food I had agreed to make!  I was in a panic and said that I needed to leave to go to the store.  I asked Tell if she needed anything else, and she gave me this list:

  • Tampons and Maxipads
  • Hats (for this guy who was creating a photo booth for the shower)

(Plus of course, I needed the flowers, stickers, sign, and ingredients for the food!)  I was in such a hurry to leave that one shoe fell off. I woke up in a panic!

There were a good number of things that made it into my dream from real life this time:

  • The baby elephant: I saw a Facebook video about a newborn elephant just before I went to sleep
  • The baby shower for Sarah in real life is tomorrow, and yes – it’s true, I haven’t yet done anything I need to for it 🙂

The “rest” of the story…. that same day shortly after , I saw THIS ELEPHANT POST from Dee – Archangel Oracle.  I had assumed that the elephant was in my dream because I had seen the article on Facebook, but as my friend Karen would say, YES, AND….

Perhaps this also pointed to the gift described in this card.  The fact that the young boys with the elephant were giving me a gift (and the fact that I titled my post “The gift of the magi”)… it also points to this gift of caring for one another, of family, of supporting and loving one another, and of gratitude for those gifts.

School’s out for the summer (part 2)

I was at school, and it was the last few days before school was out for the summer.  I didn’t know which class was next, but unlike my normal dreams (when I have no idea where to go or how to find out) this time I had a schedule.  I thought to myself that I never used to forget where I was going next while I was in school.  I went to a history class (I think it was history.)  The teacher asked me to arrange for an overhead projector for the next class.  I also needed to do that for my science class.  Someone brought me the book that I needed to fill out to check out the equipment, and I started to fill out the form to reserve it.  Then in my science class, I left to go drop them off at the front desk.  After school, I was walking out and the history teacher was at the front desk.  He yelled out to pick up the projector on the way to class.  I was thinking it would be too heavy for me, but then I realized he was asking the guy behind me to do it.  The guy was in my class, but I didn’t know him.

We were supposed to watch the new Peanuts movie in class on the last day.  It had not yet been released, but it was going straight to the DVD. I was telling Mom about it – in the plot, Lucy killed all the others and it was a comedy – not a normal Peanuts movie.  I wondered if it would be appropriate, and if we were on a waiting list to get it, or if we should try to download it via iTunes.  Then we were stuck in traffic, and I thought we were going to be watching in our cars and blocking traffic.  (In another part of the dream, we saw protesters blocking traffic too.)  Alex had to get home because over the summer, he was going to be working three jobs – two were at different hotels and a third job was not related but I don’t remember.


By Ryomaandres (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsSnip20160522_5

Three Secret Rooms

I was in a house – my house (but not in real life.)  As you went to enter the attic, there was a secret door with 3 doors/passages.  The first went to a secret room in the attic where I liked to hide/rest.  There was an area with a bed in it in an enclosed area that I liked to sit in.  The second went to a secret room in the basement/back of the house.  I’m not sure where the third went.  I was showing the secret attic room to someone.

Next door, there was a seasonal shop that closed.  She’d put up giant banners that said she would return next season, and she gave the keys to Michael.  He put them in the downstairs room.  Monica came up and accused me of hiding things there.  I said that I never use it.  She accused me of lying, and I got really upset.  I offered to show her, and she wouldn’t go.  My feelings were really hurt that she thought I was lying.  The she said she liked the workout room, which I figured out was Austin’s room.  She said she used it, and showered in his bathroom.  She asked me to hang the mirror because on the floor, it scared Buster.

Three Secrets to Something

Generally, when I write down my dreams, it’s early in the morning (probably after the deep sleep has passed.)  Last night, I woke up sometime overnight, and I scratched the three words below:



Synchronoized Swimming

Later, I added the notes, “Key to swimming is the handoff” and “3 secrets to something”

That’s it.  That’s all I got.