A first look at synchronicity…

In looking back through my prolific posts over the last month, I realized that I never really provided “the rest of the story” from that first, monumental dream.  After my “K” character promised to be back in two weeks, I was eagerly anticipating that night’s sleep two weeks after Easter.

Well, that evening, it was a rather chaotic night.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say it entailed teenagers, curfews, and an ugly 2 am confrontation.  All that to say, if I did dream, I don’t remember it!

That Sunday, Michael and I were supposed to go to church and make announcements at each of our four services:  7:30 am, 8:45 am, 11 am, and 5 pm.  Now, we are normally 5 o’clockers.  When we show up at the earlier services, people ask, “Are you feeling ok?”  After the night’s activities, I could NOT make myself get up and go to the 7:00 service, and so Michael (bless his heart) got up and did it.

At 8:45, I dragged myself from the bed, and arrived at the church in time for the announcements.  In addition to Michael’s announcement, Ben mentioned that there was a Sunday school class starting at 10:00 called “Understanding your Dreams.”  So, I told Michael that I’d like to stay for that class, and that I would just stay, then do the 11:00 announcement as well.

At this point, I wasn’t really thinking much about my previous dream, or the fact that it was two weeks later.  But when the teacher opened the session by saying “God speaks to us in our dreams” – it all came rushing back to me.  At the time, I didn’t know the teacher’s name.  (I know, I know… I feel terrible.  But remember – I’m a 5 o’clocker!!)  After the fact, I found out her name was Karen.  Karen with a K.  Coincidence?  Synchronicity?  Regardless, it got my attention.

As a result, here we are today.  Lost together in the dreams woven since that fateful Easter….

Thanks for joining me.

The Hulk goes to church?

This dream began with Marleen and I visiting St. James (which in my dream, was a church on campus.)  We attended what seemed to be a Sunday school-like class (I wasn’t sure if it was church or Sunday school.)  When we walked in, everyone was given stickers to wear, and the stickers had wordles on them.  The only word that I remember was “under” but the overall message didn’t make sense.  They were the same phrases repeated, and they weren’t particularly “churchy.”  Marleen asked, “What happened to those stickers you used to have with the word underlined at the top? ” I told her that I used to make those myself.

After we attended the church at St. James, I was going to take a shower.  I was wearing a long, flowing dress, but didn’t have any undergarments on underneath.  The towels were in a closet down the hall, but there was a sign on the door that said you couldn’t be wearing clothes to get a towel.  I’m not sure what I thought the alternative was, but I thought to myself that I couldn’t go naked to get the towel, so I wore my dress down anyway.  I don’t actually remember showering, but while we were in that area, I had to use the bathroom several times.  There weren’t doors, but bamboo-like roman shades, and they only went down halfway.  I thought to myself how silly that was, because when you sat down on the toilet, the shades didn’t come down enough to shield you from the view of people walking by.

Then suddenly, we weren’t on campus anymore, but in Marleen’s condo. (But it was different from her current condo.)  In the living room, there was a tan couch, and she had a red chair that she was sitting in.  I had moved back in with her, and I was talking about not feeling at home places.  I wondered if my moving back in had changed the smell of her apartment.  (You know how different places have unique smells to them?)  I said I would order a custom lazy-boy chair that was like the couch I used to have.  I showed her the receipt from it, and she said, “we can get it much cheaper” and was going to take out the lining, downgrade the fabric, and change the nailhead trim around the edge.  I was worried that it was going to not be as comfortable and durable, but I didn’t want to say anything.  Then I noticed that a few of the nailheads from around the existing chair had come off, so I thought maybe it wouldn’t make that much difference.

She asked me where she should move her tv once she put it in her dining room.  I asked her why she was moving it, and she said she was getting all new tv service that was Internet based.  You could stream the tv to any device, or to a tv mounted on the wall.  There was a big blank wall that separated the living room from the dining room, and I said I thought she should put it there, and reconfigure the living room so the furniture faced that way.

We then started talking about her adding onto her condo.  Even though it was a high-rise, every condo had the option to add on an area that could either be storage or a balcony-type area.  She was planning to do this once she paid it off.  We were looking out where the extended area would be, then suddenly, we were on the ground, well, sort of….

I was on the shoulders of a giant Incredible Hulk. (I warned you in Alpha that this was going to get weird.)  We were on a busy street in Atlanta, and this Hulk was really high off the ground.  I pointed out to Marleen this weird little pond in which fish were flopping out onto dry ground, then continuing to travel in a line away from the pond.  I don’t know if they grew feet or continued to flop, but it was so strange that they would leave the water to start with, much less stay in a line!  As I tried to walk down the street with my Hulk, I noticed everyone was running in the other direction.  A police officer told me to get off the road, so the Hulk and I went into a driveway.  But there was a high speed chase, and the Hulk joined in, chasing them.  I didn’t want to, but I had no control over where he went.  I was not happy.  I had a hard time hanging on, but I didn’t fall off.  Then we got in a tunnel and Michael was there.  Whatever we were chasing was on a train to our right, and I had to slow down enough to pour liquid out of one container into another on a moving car, so the Hulk had to be going exactly the same speed.  We were able to do it!

Then the dreamscape changed again, and I’m not sure if this was somehow a part of the same dream, or a different dream.  I was in a church meeting – probably a vestry meeting, because it was being led by Davis.  Ben was talking about wearing tags that included welcoming messages for visitors, and I told him that St. James that Marleen and I were at did that.  Then Dick asked me if I would run for senior warden in January, and we had to vote right then.  I suggested that perhaps Sloan wanted to do it, and she said no, she would prefer that I did.  I thought to myself that I wanted more time to think about it and ask questions, but I had to answer right then, so I said yes.

Rewrite – Going to Meet Joy

As part of the “Understanding your Dreams” course at Millsaps, I re-wrote an earlier dream after identifying and re-defining the various elements.

This is a re-write of Easter in July

I was arriving at church at a place and time I love.  I was looking forward to it, and to the tradition, but I was late and everything was different than expected.  As I was trying to come in, I was slowed down and inconvenienced, and I had to take a new approach.  I was waiting on someone else to take the lead, and when they didn’t , I felt out of control and annoyed.

When I finally was there, the strange, unusual, and different part of myself caused me to change, and I was annoyed at the time, but I enjoyed the outcome.  I moved from the sidelines to the front, and found the sweet, playful, and joyful part of myself, and this is a role I am supposed to play.

I found at the end renewed commitments, links to the past, playfulness, and something of special value.

Puzzle me this…

I was working a puzzle, and suddenly it became four puzzles printed front and back.  One of the puzzles was white flowers, and another one was candy canes.  One of the puzzles had different size pieces.

I feel like perhaps I was at a camp at some point.



I had a long dream about race.  We were building a new house, but it wasn’t finished, so we were living in a hotel.  Donald Trump came to town, and the first time, Buster’s feet were cut on broken glass, and another dog tried to attack him.  On TV, they started branding black children.  I got very afraid, and wanted to take a taxi the next time we left the hotel.  It was going to be me, mom, and Dylan.

Suddenly, the characters changed, and it was me, a black man, a black teenage boy, and Dylan was a girl.  Dylan (as the female character) was in love with the leader of a cult, and wouldn’t believe that the cult was using him.  The people we were with wanted to “take a stand” so we decided to walk back through “Trump land” rather than take a taxi.  We made fake suitcases out of boxes to carry. I was very afraid.  When we passed the church where the cult leader was, Dylan bought a necklace and ring.  The leader asked Dylan if we spoke English, and suddenly the rest of us didn’t.  In English, he told Dylan to come back at a certain day and time alone.

Late again…

I was talking to someone who was checking into the hospital.  (Maybe David?)  I asked if he needed anything, and he said “snuff” and told me a brand, so I wrote it down.  Then I remembered that my friend Adelia was in the hospital, and she had asked for a painted piece of wood with ivy on it, a small bottle of alcohol, and some mint M&Ms. (Do they even make mint M&Ms?)  I drove by, because I was really late and thought maybe she had checked out, but she was still there – I saw her  and another woman through the window.  So I was going to take the stuff even though I was late.  I was driving my Saturn and had gone to the school.  I was first in line and then got stuck in the “out” line because the gate was blocked until the bell rang.  Then I left and called mom to say I was going to miss band, but Mom turned into my friend Sloan and said she didn’t care.  She said she was too focused on the “garden” event (something in RL that is happening at the Chapel) and that would be her last hurrah. As I was driving to pick up the items to take to the hospital, it was still dark, and there were shadow men who tried to jump out and make me run off the road, but I was expecting them and missed them.  I got to church at 8:45 and went to the painting class, where I was expecting to paint the block of wood with the ivy.  However, there was also someone painting porcelain plates as well as the wooden plaques.  I think the artists were my friend Mary Lea and her son Daniel.  I needed to get the ivy plaque to take to Adelia.

Putting away the old limitations

Dad was going in for surgery (in real life, he was going to have his gall bladder removed the next day.)  Before the surgery, he appeared at my house, and was putting his mattress (which in the dream, was the mattress for a hospital bed) into storage.  He was trying to lift it over his head and put it into the top of some storage shed, but had to get a ladder.  I was really worried he was going to fall off the ladder.

Marco Polo

I had gone to the church during the week one morning.  I went inside and sat down, and Ben and Will were both there, along with some three sided boards that were talking about how to overcome obstacles.  Ben slipped and fell.  He got up, but Will helped him out to make sure, and he told us to look at the boards.  I realized just then that the entire church had been flipped backwards, so the “front” with the altar and cross were now in the “back”.  Even the kneeling rail had been moved and the pews were facing the wrong way.

I looked more closely on the boards, and one of them was talking about fear of cemeteries. Becky was there and said I needed to read that one, and we laughed.  There were three possible solutions for each obstacle/fear, and one was always silly.  For example, the first option for how to deal with a  fear of cemeteries was to scream shrilly.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the other two were.

We went outside then and Ben and Will had rejoined us.  We were walking around outside, and I noticed ground had been churned up.  It wasn’t clear why, and I thought to myself that people might think it was new graves being dug, or they might think that we were already breaking ground on the new church.  Either way though, I didn’t like that it had been dug up.

We continued to walk around, and I was walking with Ben.  We linked arms, and suddenly we heard a child’s voice call out “Marco!” and Ben replied “Polo!” and a huge group of kids who had been playing on the playground started running over to try to find us.  I whispered to Ben, “What kind of a service is this?  Is this church, or Sunday school?”  I had my eyes open, and then realized that perhaps that was making it too easy to avoid being caught by the kids, and I couldn’t remember if all players were supposed to have their eyes closed, or just the ones calling “Marco”.  The children didn’t call Marco a second time – they were only catching people based on other noises – the sound of footsteps, laughter, or  other noises.

Honduras Bound

We were going on the Honduras Medical Mission.  There was a private plane.  Michael was going to go but didn’t at the last minute.  The kids were also supposed to go but they had backed out a few months before because there were too many people.

The private plane was smooth – so smooth I couldn’t tell when we took off.There were 2 men I didn’t know.  The first one owned the plane and was very friendly.  Most of us were around the table chatting.  One guy was in a chair to the side with his hands wrapped.  He didn’t want to touch or talk to anyone.  I wondered why on earth he wanted to go on the mission trip.

When we landed, a lady on the plane worked with customs and was trying to smooth the way.  I took some spinach and artichoke dip on a huge bite of bred and was eating as I walked off.

I was making sure everyone got through customs.  A group of young men/boys were with us, and they got pulled to customs for a drinking/alcohol screen. They all came out but were freaking out because they didn’t know where one guy was.  I was trying to call George to see if he already cleared security, but they wouldn’t wait and they forced their way back into the back room.  I was sure they would be arrested and sure enough, George answered and the other guy was already through security.  George pulled up in a car (inside the airport) and the boys came running out.  I yelled “Get in the car now!”  The airport security didn’t bother me.  I had 2 suitcases – the blue and red carryons plus a laptop bag.  I started gathering my stuff up.  Then I took this stuffed animal pillow that didn’t belong to me.  I started to put it back, but then the guy who owned the plane said I should take it because he had touched it.  It was purple.  (There was another one like it that was green.)  There was some confusion about which one he had touched.  I said after the trip, I would donate it to the group he normally donates to.  George came back and I put everything in the trunk.