Marco Polo

I had gone to the church during the week one morning.  I went inside and sat down, and Ben and Will were both there, along with some three sided boards that were talking about how to overcome obstacles.  Ben slipped and fell.  He got up, but Will helped him out to make sure, and he told us to look at the boards.  I realized just then that the entire church had been flipped backwards, so the “front” with the altar and cross were now in the “back”.  Even the kneeling rail had been moved and the pews were facing the wrong way.

I looked more closely on the boards, and one of them was talking about fear of cemeteries. Becky was there and said I needed to read that one, and we laughed.  There were three possible solutions for each obstacle/fear, and one was always silly.  For example, the first option for how to deal with a  fear of cemeteries was to scream shrilly.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the other two were.

We went outside then and Ben and Will had rejoined us.  We were walking around outside, and I noticed ground had been churned up.  It wasn’t clear why, and I thought to myself that people might think it was new graves being dug, or they might think that we were already breaking ground on the new church.  Either way though, I didn’t like that it had been dug up.

We continued to walk around, and I was walking with Ben.  We linked arms, and suddenly we heard a child’s voice call out “Marco!” and Ben replied “Polo!” and a huge group of kids who had been playing on the playground started running over to try to find us.  I whispered to Ben, “What kind of a service is this?  Is this church, or Sunday school?”  I had my eyes open, and then realized that perhaps that was making it too easy to avoid being caught by the kids, and I couldn’t remember if all players were supposed to have their eyes closed, or just the ones calling “Marco”.  The children didn’t call Marco a second time – they were only catching people based on other noises – the sound of footsteps, laughter, or  other noises.

Honduras Bound

We were going on the Honduras Medical Mission.  There was a private plane.  Michael was going to go but didn’t at the last minute.  The kids were also supposed to go but they had backed out a few months before because there were too many people.

The private plane was smooth – so smooth I couldn’t tell when we took off.There were 2 men I didn’t know.  The first one owned the plane and was very friendly.  Most of us were around the table chatting.  One guy was in a chair to the side with his hands wrapped.  He didn’t want to touch or talk to anyone.  I wondered why on earth he wanted to go on the mission trip.

When we landed, a lady on the plane worked with customs and was trying to smooth the way.  I took some spinach and artichoke dip on a huge bite of bred and was eating as I walked off.

I was making sure everyone got through customs.  A group of young men/boys were with us, and they got pulled to customs for a drinking/alcohol screen. They all came out but were freaking out because they didn’t know where one guy was.  I was trying to call George to see if he already cleared security, but they wouldn’t wait and they forced their way back into the back room.  I was sure they would be arrested and sure enough, George answered and the other guy was already through security.  George pulled up in a car (inside the airport) and the boys came running out.  I yelled “Get in the car now!”  The airport security didn’t bother me.  I had 2 suitcases – the blue and red carryons plus a laptop bag.  I started gathering my stuff up.  Then I took this stuffed animal pillow that didn’t belong to me.  I started to put it back, but then the guy who owned the plane said I should take it because he had touched it.  It was purple.  (There was another one like it that was green.)  There was some confusion about which one he had touched.  I said after the trip, I would donate it to the group he normally donates to.  George came back and I put everything in the trunk.

A blur…

I mentioned in an earlier post that when I wake up in the middle of the night, my notes are  sometimes legible, sometimes… not so much.  Last night was a good example of that.  I can barely make out the words, much less know if they were fragments of multiple dreams or all the same dream.


Last night, there was something that was a partial live show and I paused a tv show to pause it.

I saw a cousin that I thought had died.  She had freckles and long hair, and I was very happy, and gave her a hug.

I was on an airplane, and someone was drunk and rowdy.  It made an emergency landing on a highway.  I was shocked they did it.

The current

I was lying in bed.  When I rolled over, suddenly I was surrounded by what felt like a pleasant electrical current.  It surrounded me as though it was water and it was very orgasmic in nature.  I was awakened by my alarm.

In electric current

almost orgasm

in electric current

wearing jeans while asleep

The Fight

Michael and I were trying to get to mom and dad’s house.  We were traveling by foot outside, and I remember many alleyways and lots of trees.  It seemed like a difficult path to get there.  Once we got there, Michael and Dad got into a huge fight.  I don’t remember what the fight was about, but I got so upset that I left the room and went to talk to Mom.

We then got a strange call, and suddenly were in the hospital with Aunt Sandy.  She had been called into a different room.  While she was gone, I thought I would make the bed, so I was trying to put a sheet on the “bed” however, it didn’t fit and I realized it was because this wasn’t her actual room.  I was trying to put a sheet on the chair instead of a bed.

Then we went back to the fight, and Davis Frye was doing an intervention.  There was a whole debrief with Davis, Martha and another family.  To have the discussion, we sat down at a large round table, and we all thought it was weird we had dreamed about sitting down at that very table.  I lashed out at the other woman, and Martha told me that I needed to be nicer and I needed to say thank you to her.  In the end, we agreed that both were trying to help and be positive.

Fighting MB + Dad

intervention – Davis

almost left

strange call while gone


Sandy – trying to make bed in wrong room and put sheet on a chair

debrief w/ Davis and other family. round tale restaurant

locked (?)

We had all dreamed about it.

Martha had told me to be nicer and say thank you when I lashed out at the other woman

Before fight – chasing around outside

Ultimately both were fighting to help /be positive.

Three Secrets to Something

Generally, when I write down my dreams, it’s early in the morning (probably after the deep sleep has passed.)  Last night, I woke up sometime overnight, and I scratched the three words below:



Synchronoized Swimming

Later, I added the notes, “Key to swimming is the handoff” and “3 secrets to something”

That’s it.  That’s all I got.

Which level?

I was checking in on a cruise with someone I didn’t know.  They were saying my room wasn’t near theirs, and asking if I wanted to move.  My room was on the 6th floor, and there were other rooms available on the 8th floor and 12th floor.  I was able to look at the options by scrolling through them on a large screen, which was a projection of the agent’s computer screen.  I asked about the difference in the rooms to an older lady standing to the left of the counter.  She was old and wrinkly, and she had no shirt on (but it didn’t seem to bother me.)  The other lady said it was up to me and my preference.  I was annoyed and said that I had never been in the rooms and I didn’t know the difference.  She said the one on 12 was near the game room.  I had noticed on the map that there was a room labelled Mata Hari, and I was intrigued as to what that was, but now I assumed it was the game room.  I said that I didn’t want to be woken up by kids in the game room, and the old lady put on her shirt and said that she was the same way and laughed.  They ignored the 800 room and didn’t mention that.  I said I would stay in the 600 room.  I was trying to decide if I should buy sunscreen and a soda card.