The Show Must Go On

I dreamed we were going to a show – maybe on a cruise ship or maybe in a theater. There was a talent show an Tyrus wanted to participate. I was worried he wouldn’t be any good but he was in drag and got up and started singing and he had a good voice. Then he turned the song into a parody that was cracking everyone up. He had others in the show too but when the second person came out they cut off the music. We were furious and didn’t know if it was because he was in drag or some other reason. We began protesting and threatening legal action. The first person we spoke to tried to quote the rules but didn’t know I had reviewed them all. There was nothing to support their decision to stop the show. We escalated to the manager of the cruise line and meanwhile there became a grass roots movement to boycott the show completely. I was evaluating if I could stay on the ship for several weeks to pass out notes to all the cabins. I suggested to Tyrus that he might want to find a gay club to do his show because I thought they might appreciate the humor more. I woke up angry.


Grapes of no Wrath

I dreamed I was on a cruise with two other women that I don’t know. One of the three was selling drugs out of our cabin and we were concerned we were going to get in trouble or arrested. We were using the ship as transportation from one place to another and were going to have to disembark soon but we didn’t know exactly when. The second lady and I decided to go ahead and unpack, saying we could re-pack again quickly if needed. We stopped at a port but no one could get off the ship because there were guards from the Dakota Access Pipeline that were heavily armed and patrolling the streets. There were also armed men on motorcycles. I took pictures and called mom to update her. Then we got word that we could disembark the next morning beginning with school aged children (elementary first then high school) and then adults. I had left the room to use the bathroom in a public bathroom. When I came out, I had to swipe my room key on a kiosk. A guy who worked for the cruise line was there helping me. He looked to be around 30 with long dark hair that was in his eyes and glasses. When he was done he said “let me stick around for a minute- I hear the flute playing is great.” There was a video of him on the kiosk playing the flute. He was standing there holding a bunch of grapes. After he was done watching I said “enjoy your grapes” and started to leave. He laughed and said he didn’t even like grapes but that’s what was in the dining room.

Psychic cruise?

I was getting ready to go on a cruise and was trying to pack at the last minute.  Chris was there.  I was throwing clothes in my suitcase – I had started packing but had forgotten a bathing suit or any carry on.  I was digging through my dresser and found all sorts of cute shirts that were old but that were too small – they were medium and large.

There was a spirit guide there (named Mary? Mirium?) who spoke to me as plainly as someone standing next to me.  There were also a few psychic children who were going to come with us on the cruise.

Another missed concert

I was supposed to go to a Florida Georgia Line Concert. (In real life, I was supposed to go last Saturday, but missed it for a soccer tournament.) The concert in my dream was on a cruise ship, and I was very excited.  We had 4 tickets, and we had five people on the cruise – me, Michael, Alex, and Dylan.  The fifth person couldn’t go, and so Michael was going to go to the concert with us, and I was so happy, but I didn’t want to go to him. (Not sure what that note meant.)  Then the kids had another friend with them and so there weren’t extra tickets after all.  I was going to go up to the room to change clothes and get the tickets.  There were two escalators to get there.  One was normal, but the second was for use with wheelchairs.  It was made of flat panels that were not stairs – they looked almost like a steel waterfall that flowed backward uphill.  I decided to go up that one, but it was harder than   thought and I got dizzy by the end.  Two people followed me – a man and a woman that I didn’t know.  They were trying to make an excuse to come in my room and I knew they were trouble.  One got in (the woman) and was pulling a gun out of her purse.  I got it first, and I shot her several times.  It was a struggle.  She still managed to leave I think.  I went down to the lobby to try to find Michael.  Fast forward – I saw Florida Georgia Line warm up on the stairs – I was right by them, but I didn’t get to go to the concert.  After the concert, Dylan came out with a baby carriage, but instead of a baby in it, there was a teenage girl that he used to date (in the dream – no one I really know.)  He gave me a ticket stub and said he got FGL’s phone number for me, but the only number on the ticket stub was a phone number to call TicketMaster.  He said just to go call them, and say “Girrrrrl – I really need their number.”  Sloan and Tell and Shirley were also on the boat at some sort of craft fair or flea market.  They were working booths.

Which level?

I was checking in on a cruise with someone I didn’t know.  They were saying my room wasn’t near theirs, and asking if I wanted to move.  My room was on the 6th floor, and there were other rooms available on the 8th floor and 12th floor.  I was able to look at the options by scrolling through them on a large screen, which was a projection of the agent’s computer screen.  I asked about the difference in the rooms to an older lady standing to the left of the counter.  She was old and wrinkly, and she had no shirt on (but it didn’t seem to bother me.)  The other lady said it was up to me and my preference.  I was annoyed and said that I had never been in the rooms and I didn’t know the difference.  She said the one on 12 was near the game room.  I had noticed on the map that there was a room labelled Mata Hari, and I was intrigued as to what that was, but now I assumed it was the game room.  I said that I didn’t want to be woken up by kids in the game room, and the old lady put on her shirt and said that she was the same way and laughed.  They ignored the 800 room and didn’t mention that.  I said I would stay in the 600 room.  I was trying to decide if I should buy sunscreen and a soda card.

School Cruisin’

I was about to go on a cruise with a girlfriend (Rachel?  Corrina?)  We were in an elementary school looking for a classroom.  It was a school I’d been in before (in my dream.)  “My” elementary but it wasn’t Halfway.  But the building was configured similarly – like a “T” but car riders were picked up outside either end.

We found the right classroom but her brother was supposed to pick us up, but he didn’t.  So we went back inside.  Several teachers were dancing around – we knew they were going on the cruise too.  I had to go to the bathroom (#2) and so went.  My friend followed me.  The door wouldn’t close so she manhandled it closed.  Then she was staring over the top.  I asked her to leave.  The seat was wet and I had to dry it.  When we went back out there was a call, and she said her sister in law was in a wreck – her name was Mary Lea.  I thought it was Mary Lea M. from church.  I was trying to send her either $250 for perfume or a bottle. It got really confusing there.  Then I realized I didn’t have enough money and she wasn’t the one in the wreck.  Michael and I went to her house and she was trying to give me $200 in $100 bills to pay for it.  I was so confused because it didn’t cost that much, and Michael was trying to hurry me.  At one point, he started driving, and the $100 bills that were in the backseat flew everywhere!