Popcorn and Priests

At a festival at church. No one had told me what to do so I got a big popcorn machine like they had at the braves game and started making popcorn. We were supposed to be done by midnight and I was finished. Suddenly we were in a school. Whoever was in charge was leaving and Michael and I left with some other guy. Two guys were staying there to get high and we were worried about them. The next morning we came back to church and Davis was doing communion and Ben was helping. The two men were missing and someone told everyone what happened and they were in the hospital. For communion we had water instead of wine and I had my glass covered in foil. One lady asked a question in the middle of communion.


We were trying to do an event at the church. It included a meal for us and then preparing food and toiletry kits for others in need. I was sick and got called to do this reading with Davis. I had to break this big log of cheese I to smaller pieces and set it out on a plate. At the end of the log there was a flower. We had problems getting shaving cream and razors for our toiletry kits.

The Process of Real Estate

I was trying to either buy or sell a house. Ben invited us to a meeting at his real-estate company. The goal was to show us how process-oriented the team was. Will and Davis both worked there as well. The meeting was well- run. In the middle, I looked over and Anna and Henry had a marker and were writing their names on our nice orange blanket. I ran over and told them, “you know better than to write on a blanket.” They asked if it was mine, and I said yes and asked them to please not write on it any more. Against my better judgement I left the market with them. At the end of the meeting, they were putting supplies away and were using empty attic space over the offices for storage but there was no methodology. I told them that to be really process driven they needed an organized solution for storage. Austin’s friend Chris was there and climbed up  in the scaffolding and was climbing and jumping around like he was a monkey.

The Hulk goes to church?

This dream began with Marleen and I visiting St. James (which in my dream, was a church on campus.)  We attended what seemed to be a Sunday school-like class (I wasn’t sure if it was church or Sunday school.)  When we walked in, everyone was given stickers to wear, and the stickers had wordles on them.  The only word that I remember was “under” but the overall message didn’t make sense.  They were the same phrases repeated, and they weren’t particularly “churchy.”  Marleen asked, “What happened to those stickers you used to have with the word underlined at the top? ” I told her that I used to make those myself.

After we attended the church at St. James, I was going to take a shower.  I was wearing a long, flowing dress, but didn’t have any undergarments on underneath.  The towels were in a closet down the hall, but there was a sign on the door that said you couldn’t be wearing clothes to get a towel.  I’m not sure what I thought the alternative was, but I thought to myself that I couldn’t go naked to get the towel, so I wore my dress down anyway.  I don’t actually remember showering, but while we were in that area, I had to use the bathroom several times.  There weren’t doors, but bamboo-like roman shades, and they only went down halfway.  I thought to myself how silly that was, because when you sat down on the toilet, the shades didn’t come down enough to shield you from the view of people walking by.

Then suddenly, we weren’t on campus anymore, but in Marleen’s condo. (But it was different from her current condo.)  In the living room, there was a tan couch, and she had a red chair that she was sitting in.  I had moved back in with her, and I was talking about not feeling at home places.  I wondered if my moving back in had changed the smell of her apartment.  (You know how different places have unique smells to them?)  I said I would order a custom lazy-boy chair that was like the couch I used to have.  I showed her the receipt from it, and she said, “we can get it much cheaper” and was going to take out the lining, downgrade the fabric, and change the nailhead trim around the edge.  I was worried that it was going to not be as comfortable and durable, but I didn’t want to say anything.  Then I noticed that a few of the nailheads from around the existing chair had come off, so I thought maybe it wouldn’t make that much difference.

She asked me where she should move her tv once she put it in her dining room.  I asked her why she was moving it, and she said she was getting all new tv service that was Internet based.  You could stream the tv to any device, or to a tv mounted on the wall.  There was a big blank wall that separated the living room from the dining room, and I said I thought she should put it there, and reconfigure the living room so the furniture faced that way.

We then started talking about her adding onto her condo.  Even though it was a high-rise, every condo had the option to add on an area that could either be storage or a balcony-type area.  She was planning to do this once she paid it off.  We were looking out where the extended area would be, then suddenly, we were on the ground, well, sort of….

I was on the shoulders of a giant Incredible Hulk. (I warned you in Alpha that this was going to get weird.)  We were on a busy street in Atlanta, and this Hulk was really high off the ground.  I pointed out to Marleen this weird little pond in which fish were flopping out onto dry ground, then continuing to travel in a line away from the pond.  I don’t know if they grew feet or continued to flop, but it was so strange that they would leave the water to start with, much less stay in a line!  As I tried to walk down the street with my Hulk, I noticed everyone was running in the other direction.  A police officer told me to get off the road, so the Hulk and I went into a driveway.  But there was a high speed chase, and the Hulk joined in, chasing them.  I didn’t want to, but I had no control over where he went.  I was not happy.  I had a hard time hanging on, but I didn’t fall off.  Then we got in a tunnel and Michael was there.  Whatever we were chasing was on a train to our right, and I had to slow down enough to pour liquid out of one container into another on a moving car, so the Hulk had to be going exactly the same speed.  We were able to do it!

Then the dreamscape changed again, and I’m not sure if this was somehow a part of the same dream, or a different dream.  I was in a church meeting – probably a vestry meeting, because it was being led by Davis.  Ben was talking about wearing tags that included welcoming messages for visitors, and I told him that St. James that Marleen and I were at did that.  Then Dick asked me if I would run for senior warden in January, and we had to vote right then.  I suggested that perhaps Sloan wanted to do it, and she said no, she would prefer that I did.  I thought to myself that I wanted more time to think about it and ask questions, but I had to answer right then, so I said yes.

The Fight

Michael and I were trying to get to mom and dad’s house.  We were traveling by foot outside, and I remember many alleyways and lots of trees.  It seemed like a difficult path to get there.  Once we got there, Michael and Dad got into a huge fight.  I don’t remember what the fight was about, but I got so upset that I left the room and went to talk to Mom.

We then got a strange call, and suddenly were in the hospital with Aunt Sandy.  She had been called into a different room.  While she was gone, I thought I would make the bed, so I was trying to put a sheet on the “bed” however, it didn’t fit and I realized it was because this wasn’t her actual room.  I was trying to put a sheet on the chair instead of a bed.

Then we went back to the fight, and Davis Frye was doing an intervention.  There was a whole debrief with Davis, Martha and another family.  To have the discussion, we sat down at a large round table, and we all thought it was weird we had dreamed about sitting down at that very table.  I lashed out at the other woman, and Martha told me that I needed to be nicer and I needed to say thank you to her.  In the end, we agreed that both were trying to help and be positive.

Fighting MB + Dad

intervention – Davis

almost left

strange call while gone


Sandy – trying to make bed in wrong room and put sheet on a chair

debrief w/ Davis and other family. round tale restaurant

locked (?)

We had all dreamed about it.

Martha had told me to be nicer and say thank you when I lashed out at the other woman

Before fight – chasing around outside

Ultimately both were fighting to help /be positive.

Remember me?

I *think* that I was in a school – perhaps working there as a teacher, or there to visit a teacher.  The dream took place in a closet I think.  I was there with our friend Sam, and a girl (who looked familiar to me) came running in to see him.  She asked if he remembered her, and he didn’t, but he didn’t want her to know that.  He said something that made her believe that he remembered her, but once she left (and he thought she was out of earshot) he said that she looked familiar, which clearly meant he didn’t remember her.  She overheard and got very upset.  I tried to make her believe that I said it so she wouldn’t be so upset.  I’m not sure how this came up, but Davis Frye was a substitute teacher for a swim class that started at 11:00.

At school in closet?

Sam Fugler was there and a girl who looked familiar came running in to see him.  She wanted to know if he remembered her, and he made some vague comment that satisfied her.  As she left, he said she looked familiar, and she overheard and got upset, so I tried to play it off like I said it.  Davis Frye was a sub for swimming at 11:00.