Mini Dreams…

I had several short dreams….

In one, I had been asleep and Buster woke me up. My heart rate had dropped very low and I had apparently called Priscilla, who was in the medical field, for help. It was determined I was fine and there was nothing to do.

Then I had gotten up in the morning and Alison was there. We left to go get food for breakfast but it was really a ploy to get us out of the house. When we got back, someone had brought back a crazy new keyboard from the Apple store. air was rainbow colored and had very unusual shapes. Michael was super excited.

Then we went to Kroger and I was naked. I grabbed a towel that was for sale on the way in and wrapped myself in it but I was still very self conscious. We went back to a waiting room and on the way a lady introduced herself. I refused to stop and shake her hand since I was in a towel but she seemed to understand. In the waiting room, people were vaping and Michael was smoking and ali couldn’t breathe. Michael was buying some big piece of construction. equipment and was learning how to drive it. I sat down on a weird double chair to wait. At one point I got up on the equipment and almost got my arm crushed so I got down fast.

Finally there was a woman staying with us. She kept saying things on my behalf like “She really called you down here to empty the dishwasher.” But I hadn’t. She made it sound like she was helping me but I finally told her to stop putting words in my mouth that if I needed something I would ask for it.

The Games We Play

Last night I dreamed I was in a live video game. I was taking care of two children – a boy and a girl. I don’t remember them clearly, but it seems like they were spoiled and very bratty. We were playing a live video game. In the game, there were two components, a “story” component that included mysteries that needed to be figured out and a racing part where you were in cars that went very, very fast and the goal was to beat everyone else. The racing was set up as boys vs. girls. There were also dogs involved, though I don’t know how. I started on the story part, and I was in a hallway going through different doors trying to find something. I finished with the racing part, and it was really fun – I was going super fast and didn’t want to stop.

Because I didn’t write the whole dream down when I woke up, I lost a lot of the details. However, I’m certain that this dream stems from my participation in the Women’s March on Jackson yesterday. Obviously, the clear distinction between boys and girls reflects some of the core missions promoted by the march. I also think that most people (on both the left and the right) are acting unprofessionally and unproductively – perhaps aligning with the “naughty” boy and girl in the dream. I definitely feel conflicted between the call for action positioned against the need for meditation and taking time to really understand and listen.

An apple a day

I dreamed I was going to the doctor but was late. There was a confusing parking garage- I don’t remember the circumstances behind it. Then I was in the hallway and Donald Trump was there. He was somehow helping the doctor. A young man walked by and said he needed more protein so my doctor told him to eat more junior bacon cheeswburgers from Wendy’s.

Late for School

In my dream, we had all moved to a new house. Alex invited five friends over and they were playing dress up in full costumes. They were like onesies and there were soldiers, cowboys and more. I realized that they didn’t have time to change and get to school on time and so I told them to get changed. Dylan was driving us, even though the school was within walking distance. Dylan went to pick up his friend and came back and was waiting in the driveway. Then suddenly I was a student and had to go too. I was worried about having to run laps for being late to band and I didn’t know if I could do it. Also that day we had a field trip scheduled to a science museum that included an aquarium. I didn’t want to be sweaty to go to the museum. As we were walking in, Aunt Sandy called me.

Ghosts in our Closet?

I was cleaning house in a home I had lived in for some time.  I went into a “wing” of the house that I never went into, and I realized that no one was using it.  There were Christmas lights strung from the corners, and there were still small artificial Christmas trees sitting out.  I grabbed the trees and put them in the closet in one of the rooms.  We apparently use them for guest rooms, but no one had been there to use them for some time.  As I was walking around, I started feeling like there was a ghost haunting one particular room.  It felt very negative, and I ran out of the room.

Over the course of the rest of the dream, I was talking to other people who spent time in the house, and I tried to ask questions to find out if they knew of unusual things that were happening, but I wanted to ask without causing alarm.  Many people seemed to hint at things out of the ordinary, but they were hesitant to call them out.

There was food prepared for dinner, and everyone was filling their plates and eating.  Mom and Dad were ready to leave on a road trip, but they were only going to go two hours away so it would be an easy drive.

I went to grab a plate, and there was a king sitting in the other room (maybe I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones!) and he became possessed.  He was muttering about something, and I started saying prayers trying to exorcise the demon.  That’s when I woke up.

Search and Run- another Travel Tale

Michael, Austin and I were supposed to be leaving at 4pm for a 3 day trip to Mexico. We were running late anyway, but we still had a few hours so I stopped to geocache. There was a warehouse building but when I went inside it was a restaurant. Brent (?) met me there. We were looking for it and there were two others there as well – one who was represented by a cat emoji in the app and one who came up and touched my shoulders. We never found it- I thought it was under a canopy where there was a fountain with unicorns on the edges. When you touched the edge the unicorns began moving.  But we never found it.

When we left, I had to ride a bike to get somewhere. It had no handle bars and was dark. Then I was with Austin and he wanted to stop for food so we went back to the geocaching place. He ate dinner and then ordered an ice cream sunday. Someone pointed at the clock and it was 4:20. I started freaking out and the lady in the restaurant said she was on the same flight and it didn’t leave until 4 am. I didn’t think that was right so I called Michael and he said no, that he and mom and dad were on the plane waiting for us. I started screaming at Austin to hurry. We got in my car and he wanted to drive, but then he started driving crazy and going down the wrong side of the interstate. He was hitting things and I dreamed at him to stop the f*ing car. I was so mad I was crying. When he stopped so I could drive I saw the back end was all bent up again and wouldn’t close properly. Then he told me it was a prank and. This wasn’t even my car, so I was fine.

We went rushing to the airport and  when we got there we were 30 or 40 minutes late . I told Austin to run through the airport and we were trying to find the gate on our boarding passes. We didn’t have to clear security- somehow we came in through a back entrance to the airport. When we got to the gate, no one was there so I ran onto the jet bridge and begged to be let on. She let us on with no issue. As we walked in, there was a big shelf on the wall that had presents and wrapping paper that you could take. I saw stuffed animals and beach towels. At the end of the jet bridge there were showers and restrooms. There were 4 entrances to choose from to get into the aircraft. As we went on (I think we chose the second one) I heard the flight attendant accusing someone in the restroom of trying to sneak on. She told them that she just let the Barkers on, but that we had family already on the plane waiting for us.

Game of No’s…. A Bad Lesson in Good Preparation

I was supposed to give a workshop. It was three parts- part 1,2, and 3. Part one was in one location (in a conference room at a work setting), then we had to move for part two (to a classroom), then 3 was back in the original. When I went to part two there was an old man who put my box of supplies in a box elevator so I didn’t have to carry it upstairs. I was not well prepared. I completed them out of order and was not thorough. As I was playing the video, I realized I didn’t make copies for people so I tried to pin up the handouts but no one could see them.  I didn’t realize that the guest speaker in part two was famous (the topic was symbolism in Game of Thrones) and there was an actor who spoke to the group but he hadn’t been introduced to what I’ve seen yet- he doesn’t come until a later season. On the way back to the third part, Kathy J was driving me. We pulled into the church parking lot and my old Sitel sales team was there. I was so sad that I hadn’t known they were visiting because now I didn’t have time to see them before they left and went back to India. When we got to the entrance, all the parking spots were full (we were now in a mall-like building not the church.) Kathy had to park in a circle dive. As I got out she gave me $5 so I stopped to get a Diet Coke in the food court of this office. There were long lines at most places and so I went to a new place where the server was on my side of the counter trying to reach over. They served the drinks in plastic bottles that were cut with a knife and then compressed. I gave them $10 to pay and they tried not to give me change. Then I said I needed change so they tried to charge me $3.75. I was furious because it was tiny. I got a small cup from the next stand and it barely filled that up even though they argued that it was large. The drink next door was $.75. When I got into the room, I realized no one was there and so I had to talk to the leader about what to do and I was wondering if I should apologize to the participants for being so ill-prepared.

Easter in July

Initially, I disregarded this dream as insignificant (which I have later learned is not possible… all dreams are significant.)  In hindsight, events have caused me to go back and re-analyze this in a different way.  But for now – my first description.

In this dream I was trying to get to the Chapel to do one of my favorite things – make palm crosses for Easter.  I was immediately blocked by a car in front of me.  They told me to go around (the driveway is split in two around an entrance sign.)  I did so, and when I tried to go around, I hit the entrance sign and got very annoyed that I’d damaged our Suburban.  Then, about that same time, there was another set of hands on the wheel, so I thought “Fine – I’ll let them drive!” but they didn’t steer and neither did I, so we almost hit the car that was blocking us until I started steering again.  The next thing I remember, I was in the chapel.  Our church is configured with normal pews up to the front, but then there is a section of sideways pews to the front left side.  I was sitting in the second one of those sideways pews (which is a little odd, because I don’t really like to sit there.)  We had a guest priest that was a woman.  I didn’t know her, and the sermon was “weird” in my words.  She made me move to the front row, and I was sitting with a little boy that I thought was a preacher’s son.  He was great – playful and fun, and I enjoyed sitting by him, even though I was annoyed that I had to move.  I noted that the service was strange, although I don’t recall all of the specifics.  There was recorded music (as opposed to our traditional organ music.  There was clapping, and there were American flags (or maybe just one.) Toward the end of the service, she made us get up and go through the old boxes that were in the chapel.  In the boxes, there were budgets, jewelry (in particular, a cross necklace), photographs, and stickers.

NOTE:  For a re-write/interpretation, please see Rewrite – Going to Meet Joy

Went to set up for Easter at the Chapel for altar guild.  I thought it was to make palm crosses, but it was too late.  Was pulling in the drive and someone was in front of me so they told me to cut through.  Hit the black sign in truck – very annoyed.  Then someone had hand on wheel so I stopped steering and they didn’t so I almost hit the car. Got into church and there was a guest priest and a very weird sermon.  I don’t know who she was but I’d set in the 2nd sideways row and she made me move to the front next to a child I think was a preacher’s kid.  Very sweet kid.  Playful.  There was recorded music, clapping, and an American flag.  Strange.  Then she had us get up and look in these old boxes and I found old budgets from people who donated to the chapel years ago.   There were also small jewelry boxes with pictures, stickers, and jewelry stored in them.