Saddle Up

I dreamed that we were back at the old house in Halfway. Michael asked someone to saddle a horse for me so I could ride. I told them I could do it but then I thought there might be a snake under the saddle and so I was afraid to go into the chicken house.

Running, Worrying, Waiting

I dreamed that Alex and I both had jobs at a place. We were in different sections but I saw him in passing from time to time. One day we were under attack. I was in an auditorium and men with machine guns came in. Someone really close to me got shot at. I put my hands up but they didn’t care. So I ran and escaped out the side door. I was looking for Alex and saw a giant Winnie the Pooh balloon. I knew without a doubt that’s where he would be. Sure enough he was hiding behind it and when I found him he gave me a big hug. Then we were separated again and I was working in the stained glass division which, for some reason, I thought made me safer.

Our life became repetitive threats though- at any time, these men could come in killing. I started sitting near the far doors in auditoriums so I could be among the first one la out of a room. One day two men burst in on me and another girl while we were using the bathroom. The bathroom was weird- no stalls just two toilets next to each other, but by this point we didn’t have any shame. They weren’t there to kill us though, just to clean up water in the bathroom. They said they would come back the next week.

We were trying to come up with an escape plan but hadn’t by the time I woke up. The dream was very repetitive- running, worrying, waiting. Running, worrying, waiting.

Dinner and a Show

I dreamed that I was at dinner somewhere and they picked me to be an interactive part of the show. I got put in a costume and moved from place to place. At one point I was in a room waiting for the next “act” and I looked around and was in a log cabin. I thought that was an interesting choice of building and I wondered what the complex looked like from the outside. At one point I was in a car and they ran it into the pond. I was shocked that it was really wet- it wasn’t visual effects. I got scared thinking I was in danger but I wasn’t. When I got out of there I was wrapped in a towel and was back in the restaurant. My old high school friend Corrina was there and also in the show. We were excited to see each other. Afterwards, we got tips and there were a ton of them. I kept thinking we had to split them with others but she said no, just us. Then…. Skip ahead after dinner… The next day Michael and I were in an airport ready to go home. There were tons of people there flying to Memphis wearing Ole Miss clothes. Some had leather jackets that were in ole miss colors, and j was wearing a lightweight Ole Miss windbreaker. That night, I went to dinner with Jesse, our financial consultant from the capital campaign. We talked about how fun the dinner theater was – even better than the ones you pay to go to. I told him about the murder mystery one at Biaggis and was trying to describe it to him. I said it was up a notch from Olive Garden. When they brought our food out, they also brought treats for Buster. That’s when I woke up.

The alter-ego of drugs

I had a terrible dream. Alex had been acting strangely. I came in and he asked to do something and I said no. He started sobbing and shaking and rocking hysterically. Come to find out he was on drugs. He went to rehab and when he came back he wanted to go running through the alleys with friends but we wouldn’t let him for fear he would find drugs. We were worried there were drugs hidden at the house too. Then we found these tiny dolls that you could hold in your hand. He freaked out and bit their heads off. I somehow knew they were alive and had something to do with the drugs. He wanted to swallow their heads and I said no that I would flush them down the toilet. When I went into the bathroom though, someone had an accident and there was poop and vomit everywhere. When I flushed the toilet it just kept coming back up. It was terrible and I was afraid I would never be able to get rid of the dolls. We were in another house somewhere and Alex really wanted to fly home. We were considering it but then realized that his mom wasn’t going to be in town and neither of us would be. We felt like he wanted to just move out and live on his own. It was sad and scary and we weren’t sure what to do.

Swingin’ in the Rain

Michael and I went back to our old house. The new owners were gone so we just went in through the garage. We got in their bed for some reason. Then they got home and we told the realtor who was with us to stall them so we could make the bed. I was not wearing any pants- just a tshirt. I tried to think of an explanation but ended up finding jeans to put on. We went into the living room and statues visiting with them but it was very awkward. They had the old orange furniture I grew up with in the living room. Then I got up to get something I left in the bedroom and walked  in on the man. I apologized and said “old habits” and left. When we left it was raining but the lady had to get ready for a job interview. We left and went to the Disney offices where Lois worked in my dream. We were in the lobby and there were huge framed Disney posters that were quotes. In the atrium was a golf course. The lady who bought our house came in and was auditioning to be a gospel singer. She kept walking back and forth looking for the right elevator. Then I got in a swing and was trying to swing higher and higher. I was trying to swing to the 2nd floor but got so high I almost touched the ceiling. As I was coming down I got terrified because I felt like I was free falling and might slip out of the swing at the bottom, but I was able to hang on. Once it stabilized after that I started dragging my feet in the ground and messing up everyone’s golf balls just to be obnoxious. I thought that was fun. We left and went to a shady bar. I tried to go to the bathroom and they were at the end of a dark hallway. There were only curtains dividing the toilet from other rooms and I heard other people. I thought it was very creepy and left before using the bathroom. We left and it was still raining.

What’s good for the unconscious is good for the ego…

No one is supposed to read this. I didn’t create a Social Media campaign. I haven’t tweeted links, sponsored ads, or any such thing. But somehow people have found this page. My best guess is that you are fellow bloggers, surfing tags that relate to your particular topic of interest. (For example, a competitive barbecue team liked my post about Backyard BBQ.) How sad most of you must be to find that these posts are only dreams… Nothing that necessarily pertains to your area of expertise in cyber space.

But you know what? Ten of you have “liked” the post you read. And a few of you followed the blog. (You’re in for a weird ride, my friends…) 

Yes, this is good for my ego. She knows that she has no control iN this zany dreamland, but at least she gets thrown a little scrap when you say, “Hey, I liked what you wrote to honor that dream…”

There is a little part (or maybe not so little) of that ego who is deathly afraid of letting the unconscious loose in the world. She’s afraid of being judged. She’s afraid of being laughed at. She’s afraid that people will see just how “not-in-control” this self-proclaimed control freak really is. But now there’s a little part that also whispers, “See, people understand.”

 We really aren’t that different. There are common threads that connect us all, both waking and sleeping. Does it really matter which?  How much more might we connect with one another if we started communicating, both waking and sleeping… Finding those common threads that we miss in the hustle and bustle of social constructs? How much more….?


I had a long dream about race.  We were building a new house, but it wasn’t finished, so we were living in a hotel.  Donald Trump came to town, and the first time, Buster’s feet were cut on broken glass, and another dog tried to attack him.  On TV, they started branding black children.  I got very afraid, and wanted to take a taxi the next time we left the hotel.  It was going to be me, mom, and Dylan.

Suddenly, the characters changed, and it was me, a black man, a black teenage boy, and Dylan was a girl.  Dylan (as the female character) was in love with the leader of a cult, and wouldn’t believe that the cult was using him.  The people we were with wanted to “take a stand” so we decided to walk back through “Trump land” rather than take a taxi.  We made fake suitcases out of boxes to carry. I was very afraid.  When we passed the church where the cult leader was, Dylan bought a necklace and ring.  The leader asked Dylan if we spoke English, and suddenly the rest of us didn’t.  In English, he told Dylan to come back at a certain day and time alone.

Marco Polo

I had gone to the church during the week one morning.  I went inside and sat down, and Ben and Will were both there, along with some three sided boards that were talking about how to overcome obstacles.  Ben slipped and fell.  He got up, but Will helped him out to make sure, and he told us to look at the boards.  I realized just then that the entire church had been flipped backwards, so the “front” with the altar and cross were now in the “back”.  Even the kneeling rail had been moved and the pews were facing the wrong way.

I looked more closely on the boards, and one of them was talking about fear of cemeteries. Becky was there and said I needed to read that one, and we laughed.  There were three possible solutions for each obstacle/fear, and one was always silly.  For example, the first option for how to deal with a  fear of cemeteries was to scream shrilly.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the other two were.

We went outside then and Ben and Will had rejoined us.  We were walking around outside, and I noticed ground had been churned up.  It wasn’t clear why, and I thought to myself that people might think it was new graves being dug, or they might think that we were already breaking ground on the new church.  Either way though, I didn’t like that it had been dug up.

We continued to walk around, and I was walking with Ben.  We linked arms, and suddenly we heard a child’s voice call out “Marco!” and Ben replied “Polo!” and a huge group of kids who had been playing on the playground started running over to try to find us.  I whispered to Ben, “What kind of a service is this?  Is this church, or Sunday school?”  I had my eyes open, and then realized that perhaps that was making it too easy to avoid being caught by the kids, and I couldn’t remember if all players were supposed to have their eyes closed, or just the ones calling “Marco”.  The children didn’t call Marco a second time – they were only catching people based on other noises – the sound of footsteps, laughter, or  other noises.

Travel Trials

I was traveling back and forth to MS (maybe not yet married?).  People kept asking where we were going to live and we were being noncommittal in our responses.  Michael also had a place to live outside of Chicago that I loved, and it was a cheap flight.  On the way back from a trip, we were in the waiting room.  There was a group of 10 brothers with some kids and dogs.  They’d been on vacation with no wives.  We had met 2 and were shocked there were 10.  There were really long lines, and a problem with our bill, so it was taking forever. A man was making dog sounds to his dog, and it scared him so much he peed.  It was sad.