Disney Dollars & Delays

I dreamed I was in a business trip. We were staying at a Marriott and I hopped in an Uber with several other people. I interrupted their driver to tell them I wanted to go to the Marriott and she said that was her only destination. We got there and it was a Disney resort. I entered through the gift shop and there was a very excited little girl trying to “recommend” things for me to buy. Apparently there was a loyalty stamp booklet and every time you purchased something or recommended something you got a stamp. When you filled up a page you got one free. Some of the pages were for fish and candy but there was also an overall page based on dollars spent. She was especially excited about the fish but I explained I had to get on a plane and couldn’t take it with me. I went to a customer service desk and checked in for my flight but the person printed out a boarding pass that was only about an inch big and on carbon paper. They didn’t know anything was wrong and finally I just said that I would print out one at the airport. Then my old childhood friend Kristal was there and was acting very mischievous. She took me to the back corner and was trying on a cheerleader uniform and was trying to get me to do so. They were very expensive and the skirts were now like shorts. I realized I was about to miss my flight and went running for the door but then decided to go back and say goodbye to her.

Cruising away from responsibility

I dreamed that Marleen surprised me and took me in a trip. At first I thought it was a weekend trip but then I realized we were going to be gone for two full weeks. I was worried that I hadn’t taken that much time off. We were on an ocean liner. It wasn’t really a cruise ship but more of an industrial ship. I took several naps and then she said something about fishing. I said I had done it before but had more options.. I thought I had to fish through a little square hole with a metal lid. She took me under the boat which was very claustrophobic at first but then it was beautiful and we could see all this water below the boat. On our way back up there was a room of animals in cages. We were going to look for a turtle but then saw it in a box and a cat was trying to eat it’s tail. I pulled the cat off of it and we went on. Then we went to the gym but I was with a guy not Marleen. He was really into working out and I said maybe I could get in the habit before vacation was over. I asked how many days it took to make a new habit and he said 15. I was drinking water out of a 2 cup measuring cup and was embarrassed so I hid it under the bleachers so people wouldn’t see. Then Alex and some other people showed up and it was like we were at a camp of some sort. Everyone ran off to a shop to find prizes for later. Alex had tried to get big ones but this guy who was a respected leader or counselor got several small items including a griddle. Everyone said they wished they had gotten more smaller items. They had a game and Alex wanted to play it. I said Inwanted to play but we shouldn’t open it. He said they had already been playing it, but I woke up as soon as he dumped out the game pieces.

A Camp or Conference Like No Other

I dreamed I was at some sort of camp at the church. I think it had to do with the diocese. Alex went with me and made friends with the youth group, and had a great time. I didn’t really see him but I knew he was there. When I arrived I needed to find someplace to sleep. I was sitting on a bed (it looked like a hospital bed on wheels.)  It was in the main room and there was a bathroom down the hall we would all share.  I had a 12 pack of diet coke, but then I looked down and realized it was Diet Dr. Thunder (that my mom drinks.) I started bargaining with people to trade some for diet cokes in the morning. I was also trying to do some emails on my laptop.

Then a group of disabled people came in, and we realized these hospital beds were meant for them. So they took those beds and wheeled away. I asked someone what we should do, and they said that we could transfer to another part of the hotel. I didn’t want to spend the extra money, so I walked around checking in other rooms, but they were all full.  When I came back, more beds had been added but they had all been taken too. (And some were golden bunk beds that were extremely wobbly.)  So, I decided to go to the other part of the hotel.  I walked down the hall, and there was a ride you could get on.  It was a combination water ride/roller coaster (a lot like fire in the hole.) At the end you arrived at a different part of the park. I got off (and was with a female friend of mine.) We walked into the hotel part, and sure enough, they gave us a room there.  It was a shared suite with a guy we knew (short with glasses – reminded me of my old friend Doug.) There were two huge bedrooms and a huge bathroom with several dressing areas plus shower, toilet, etc. It was extremely luxurious and huge. We were thrilled and it was so much nicer than all the places people were staying over on the other side. We went to bed, and when we woke up, we realized we had overslept and missed the morning session. We got dressed, and I was wearing a short skirt with pink, sparkly tights and a renaissance-style coat with a hood. It was very cute, but very unusual for me. As we were walking over to the sessions, we passed through a mall-like area.  There was the chance for groups to take pictures of themselves, so we did. I remember thinking they were very cute, and I wanted to buy copies.  There were lots of places that would put those pictures on t-shirts, but I just wanted prints. The technology was pretty neat though because as you would walk by the booths it would recognize you and show you your pictures.

I decided to stop in a store that was dark with black-lit aquariums. All of the fish were sparkly and glowing and beautiful, and everyone was wearing costumes similar to my own outfit. There were surreal looking trees in some of the aquariums and also some had an octopus in them. It was all beautiful and magical and surreal.

I was wearing skates of some sort, as were the people who worked there. I just wanted to wheel around and look at everything it was so beautiful. I stopped at one point for a romantic encounter with two people I used to work with. One was extremely shy (to the point she would falter and stutter in meetings) yet she held a position of authority. The man was the complete opposite, very outspoken and aggressive about everything. She was trying to satisfy me but I kept asking him to finish. She was disappointed and said that we would have one more meeting and he couldn’t participate but that she would make sure it was exceptional without him.

I continued toward the back of the store, but they had to turn on the lights because of some sort of a safety issue or accident. I was very disappointed because it took away the magical elements and made it look like a normal store. I tried to move forward to the front of the store where it was still dark and sparkly, and there was an octopus that was loose. The employee was trying to catch it, and it almost hit me.  I jumped to avoid it, and that action caused me to wake up.

Awesome Aquarium

We were living in a new house and I spent almost all of my time on this new, outdoor porch. We were receiving a shipment of coffee mugs every day or every week and I was responsible for inventorying them for work. I created a System where I didn’t have to redo the work every time. I had to find shelves to put them on. Then Michael gave me these Harry Potter collectible aquarium units. I didn’t know what to do with them but then I saw our house (and my little room) was connected to a public library and there was an area dedicated as a Harry Potter aquarium so I donated them. The aquariums were tall and long and the fish were weird looking and took up the entire aquarium. One was white and looked sort of like a jellyfish but with a face that had a weird lopsided smile. We had gone into the museum and there was a young girl working there. She was going to take us to a secret part of the tour. To get in, first I pulled a piece of chicken out of my leg that was lodged there like a splinter. Then I went and found a costume jacket.We left before the tour though and figured we would be back.

Then we were in Alex’s friend’s car. He was about to pass the house but it was his house. When he turned in I ran into the back office/porch and was changing clothes for the ole miss game. I couldn’t find my red sweater so just wore a black sweater. We met up with Katy’s family and they made fun of us.

Buns in the oven 

I had two similar dreams that I will lump together here. The first, I was pregnant but it was with a fish… Meaning the baby was a fish. I don’t remember the details but I woke up in the night and remembered this.

In the second dream, I was pregnant with an actual baby. I was in a house that was either a resort or some sort of group home. There were lots of people staying there and j considered them friends although I didn’t know everyone. I had found out I was pregnant and there was a doctor there who was taking care of me. I was happy that a) Michael would be a dad again b) I would get to experience the baby years and c) that dads name would live on (I was going to name the baby Ellis or Ellison Barker!) there was another woman there who had a crush on me that was also pregnant at the same time but she lost the baby. Everything was going fine for me though. The doctor said we were going to start going out to dinner once a week.

Then i was at a banquet. I had nibbled on a few foods but it was pretty strange food. On one table there was a huge roast but it had a layer of white on it. I asked what it was and they said it was bone- somehow the bone and everything had been cooked so it was edible. I tried a bite of the meat part and the normal looking roast looked good. I went looking for it but found ham instead. Eventually I found some. I also picked up (on a small plate) what appeared to be roasted strips of pumpkin. I noticed the plates because most of them were too big but I grabbed this one off the salad bar. None of the plates matched.

Fishing for class

I had two business clients coming in from out of town. I decided to take them to Bonefish and called ahead to make the reservation. It was very confusing but I was able to see on the computer they were made. For whatever reason I made them for 4:30- one of the clients loved fishing and there was some kind of fishing activity after. We arrived and the food was already out on the table. I had a mini cheese board and one of the clients had a large cheese board. After we are, we started walking around because there were games to play like a Dave and Buster’s. They were planning to spend the night as it was a hotel too. I went into a bathroom upstairs and it was where the employees lived. They were filthy and the beds were tiny and gross. I said something and they said the clients would have to stay there and work. I was appalled and went downstairs to tell them they could t stay there. Downstairs I went into a nice bathroom and there were “first class” stalls where you leave your name and they put a robe on the door for you. They were like big, fancy rooms! When I came out, I added a two hour fishing trip to the bill for Alex and Michael got mad that I added it without discussing it so I went and tried to get it taken off.

Zebra Fish Beach

I dreamed that I was someplace on the coast for work.  I’d been one place, now this was a different place with beautiful beach views.  I went down in the water, and there were waves coming in, but one of them went in my mouth and I got a mouth full of sand!  There was a younger girl there (20?) and she wanted to take an “extreme swimming” class.  I didn’t want to do it, but I did want to watch her.  There  was a fish in the water that looked like a zebra – the same markings, but with fish skin instead of fur/hair!



The Hulk goes to church?

This dream began with Marleen and I visiting St. James (which in my dream, was a church on campus.)  We attended what seemed to be a Sunday school-like class (I wasn’t sure if it was church or Sunday school.)  When we walked in, everyone was given stickers to wear, and the stickers had wordles on them.  The only word that I remember was “under” but the overall message didn’t make sense.  They were the same phrases repeated, and they weren’t particularly “churchy.”  Marleen asked, “What happened to those stickers you used to have with the word underlined at the top? ” I told her that I used to make those myself.

After we attended the church at St. James, I was going to take a shower.  I was wearing a long, flowing dress, but didn’t have any undergarments on underneath.  The towels were in a closet down the hall, but there was a sign on the door that said you couldn’t be wearing clothes to get a towel.  I’m not sure what I thought the alternative was, but I thought to myself that I couldn’t go naked to get the towel, so I wore my dress down anyway.  I don’t actually remember showering, but while we were in that area, I had to use the bathroom several times.  There weren’t doors, but bamboo-like roman shades, and they only went down halfway.  I thought to myself how silly that was, because when you sat down on the toilet, the shades didn’t come down enough to shield you from the view of people walking by.

Then suddenly, we weren’t on campus anymore, but in Marleen’s condo. (But it was different from her current condo.)  In the living room, there was a tan couch, and she had a red chair that she was sitting in.  I had moved back in with her, and I was talking about not feeling at home places.  I wondered if my moving back in had changed the smell of her apartment.  (You know how different places have unique smells to them?)  I said I would order a custom lazy-boy chair that was like the couch I used to have.  I showed her the receipt from it, and she said, “we can get it much cheaper” and was going to take out the lining, downgrade the fabric, and change the nailhead trim around the edge.  I was worried that it was going to not be as comfortable and durable, but I didn’t want to say anything.  Then I noticed that a few of the nailheads from around the existing chair had come off, so I thought maybe it wouldn’t make that much difference.

She asked me where she should move her tv once she put it in her dining room.  I asked her why she was moving it, and she said she was getting all new tv service that was Internet based.  You could stream the tv to any device, or to a tv mounted on the wall.  There was a big blank wall that separated the living room from the dining room, and I said I thought she should put it there, and reconfigure the living room so the furniture faced that way.

We then started talking about her adding onto her condo.  Even though it was a high-rise, every condo had the option to add on an area that could either be storage or a balcony-type area.  She was planning to do this once she paid it off.  We were looking out where the extended area would be, then suddenly, we were on the ground, well, sort of….

I was on the shoulders of a giant Incredible Hulk. (I warned you in Alpha that this was going to get weird.)  We were on a busy street in Atlanta, and this Hulk was really high off the ground.  I pointed out to Marleen this weird little pond in which fish were flopping out onto dry ground, then continuing to travel in a line away from the pond.  I don’t know if they grew feet or continued to flop, but it was so strange that they would leave the water to start with, much less stay in a line!  As I tried to walk down the street with my Hulk, I noticed everyone was running in the other direction.  A police officer told me to get off the road, so the Hulk and I went into a driveway.  But there was a high speed chase, and the Hulk joined in, chasing them.  I didn’t want to, but I had no control over where he went.  I was not happy.  I had a hard time hanging on, but I didn’t fall off.  Then we got in a tunnel and Michael was there.  Whatever we were chasing was on a train to our right, and I had to slow down enough to pour liquid out of one container into another on a moving car, so the Hulk had to be going exactly the same speed.  We were able to do it!

Then the dreamscape changed again, and I’m not sure if this was somehow a part of the same dream, or a different dream.  I was in a church meeting – probably a vestry meeting, because it was being led by Davis.  Ben was talking about wearing tags that included welcoming messages for visitors, and I told him that St. James that Marleen and I were at did that.  Then Dick asked me if I would run for senior warden in January, and we had to vote right then.  I suggested that perhaps Sloan wanted to do it, and she said no, she would prefer that I did.  I thought to myself that I wanted more time to think about it and ask questions, but I had to answer right then, so I said yes.