We were at a Soccer tournament and  Michael was coaching. He was charging food at the concession stand (5 meals per game.) I overheard people talking and getting upset about it but before I could tell him he charged more food.

The angry referees were standing there so I went and apologized and said we didn’t know. I offered to pay and the lady took al my money , and said “this should about cover it.”

Then the dream shifted. I was in a pod attached to the outside of a plane. There were no windows so I couldn’t see what was happening but I could tell we were crashing. We made it to a safe place and we’re sitting around a table. I said we had no idea where we were and Dylan said yes we do. He quoted a riddle or Bible verse and then threw a rock. When we looked, we saw the sign for WestWorld.

The whole place was a huge Science lab. There were ghosts in certain parts but when they crossed certain thresholds they disappeared.The lady we were with had Short red curly hair.

There was a girl with us who had been exposed to spirit world. The Spirits were drawn to her and vice versa. They could cross the threshold if they were with her.

I was in a bookstore and there was a famous designer and author in there. I made a comment, “I wonder what it’s like to look around and see everyone wearing your designs.” She responded. When I got to the cash register, I bought a thin book she had written.

The credit card machine only took $10 or more purchases so they had to ring up another book first to get it to work.

Lady in bookstore had 2nd job trying to help us, but it was secret, so I asked her “how’s your other job going?”

We were worried about the girl with us. She kept going in the spirit world areas and tried to eat ghost food.


I dreamed that I was working for Taco Bell and I was sent into their corporate offices to do a site inspection. They weren’t doing any coaching and so I built them coaching forms and was trying to help them. There were great offices and classrooms. They had deals where you could adjust every piece of them and put your arms and legs wherever was comfortable. Everyone was super friendly and was trying to use them. They were trying to apply the concept of abandoned calls to the drive through but I tried to explain it didn’t work that way. Then I went into a training led by Karen. Everyone was really engaged and actively participating in the class- we were leaning left and right, and every time a guy behind her raised his hand we raised out hand. We took a break from the training and we got on a small jet and were flying. I was up wandering around talking to people and someone asked if I had thought about opening my own business and I was saying that no, I wasn’t afraid of changing industries because as long as you have a good product, good marketing/sales and good customer support, the rest would fall into place. About that time the plane got really turbulent. We were all trying to get back to our seats. As I put on my seatbelt the plane flipped and i realized were going to crash. We landed in a field and I thought we were going to run into a tree. We stopped just short but I was trying to brace for impact. I tried to protect my head and one leg hoping I could crawl out. Everyone was ok but we were trying to get off the plane before it caught on fire and I was trying to call Michael. My phone had upgrades while it was off and I couldn’t figure out how to do it and I accidentally did a group call with Michael and Monica. She answered and I said I was sorry I wasn’t trying to call her and she said, “well why did I answer then?” I was so frustrated and in shock I think I said that my plane crashed but I was ok and trying to call Michael. Then I woke up.

Expensive Problem Solving

My dreams this morning ran together, so I’m not sure where one stopped and the next started.  My apologies for a bit of a ramble!

It started with some sort of a ghost story at the Chapel.  I wrote down:

Stupid fake ghost story.

Broke the Internet. Had to take down.

Church window?

Then, it became a work dream.  I was trying to figure out a problem, and suddenly I was in a plane flying.  I think I was the pilot.  I was flying higher and higher, and was among clouds, then suddenly I broke through and I was high – flying fast – and I could see all the stars.  They were big, and bright and beautiful!  They were normal stars (not like the stars in my “first” dream) but they were breathtaking, nonetheless.  I can’t really read my writing at the bottom of the page – something about seeing the stars, or perhaps see 13 stars???  The flying was amazing though.

Then later, I was at work, and Elizabeth called me.  She asked, “How much do you think it costs to fly the plane?”  I didn’t know, and she said it costs $11,000, and I had to find a way to pay her back for flying it.  I thought to myself that it was very much worth the $11K.  About that time, I was paid an $8,000 bonus, and then Scott W. nominated me for an award that was going to pay $2,000.  So I thought to myself, “That’s not too bad – I only have to come up with $1,000.”

Honduras Bound

We were going on the Honduras Medical Mission.  There was a private plane.  Michael was going to go but didn’t at the last minute.  The kids were also supposed to go but they had backed out a few months before because there were too many people.

The private plane was smooth – so smooth I couldn’t tell when we took off.There were 2 men I didn’t know.  The first one owned the plane and was very friendly.  Most of us were around the table chatting.  One guy was in a chair to the side with his hands wrapped.  He didn’t want to touch or talk to anyone.  I wondered why on earth he wanted to go on the mission trip.

When we landed, a lady on the plane worked with customs and was trying to smooth the way.  I took some spinach and artichoke dip on a huge bite of bred and was eating as I walked off.

I was making sure everyone got through customs.  A group of young men/boys were with us, and they got pulled to customs for a drinking/alcohol screen. They all came out but were freaking out because they didn’t know where one guy was.  I was trying to call George to see if he already cleared security, but they wouldn’t wait and they forced their way back into the back room.  I was sure they would be arrested and sure enough, George answered and the other guy was already through security.  George pulled up in a car (inside the airport) and the boys came running out.  I yelled “Get in the car now!”  The airport security didn’t bother me.  I had 2 suitcases – the blue and red carryons plus a laptop bag.  I started gathering my stuff up.  Then I took this stuffed animal pillow that didn’t belong to me.  I started to put it back, but then the guy who owned the plane said I should take it because he had touched it.  It was purple.  (There was another one like it that was green.)  There was some confusion about which one he had touched.  I said after the trip, I would donate it to the group he normally donates to.  George came back and I put everything in the trunk.

A blur…

I mentioned in an earlier post that when I wake up in the middle of the night, my notes are  sometimes legible, sometimes… not so much.  Last night was a good example of that.  I can barely make out the words, much less know if they were fragments of multiple dreams or all the same dream.


Last night, there was something that was a partial live show and I paused a tv show to pause it.

I saw a cousin that I thought had died.  She had freckles and long hair, and I was very happy, and gave her a hug.

I was on an airplane, and someone was drunk and rowdy.  It made an emergency landing on a highway.  I was shocked they did it.

The Road, and That Which Blocks It

This is the first dream (of what will probably be many) in which I woke up in the middle of the night, scrawled a few notes, and then went back to sleep.  When I awoke to “review” my dream log, I had no recollection of some of the notes. The first thing I remember about this dream was flying in the airplane.  The sensation was similar to that of when I was flying on my own – very fast and very exciting.  It wasn’t quite as fun, but I had a great time and felt very safe with the pilot.  We stopped somewhere, and I was on an escalator.  There were three escalators side by side, and if you got on the wrong one – or touched the wrong rail, you would bypass the floor you wanted and go to the next one.  (Of course, I did, and I missed the floor that I was supposed to be on.)dreamstimefree_219632-2.jpg

After that (I think the escalators were in Chicago when we stopped for dinner.)  Afterward, the driver was no longer in the plane, but the same driver was driving us in a car.  He was  driving very fast, but there was another car driving even faster.  The  car swung into the road in front of us and tried to block the road, and this old hag made eye contact with me and glared.  It was really scary.

Tuesday 4/12/16

house sitting


dinner in Chicago

ride in super fast airplane – the airplane ride was fun. Former military pilot. Went underwater. Nice guy – very fast and fun.

escalators that pass each other: If you hold the rail at the wrong place, you end up down a floor too far

After dinner, pilot is driving on road. car was going 80 in a 30

Blocked road


there was an older lady in the front seat driving. She turned and looked at me – chilling. Eyes – woke up immediately with goosebumps.

He had slowed down and I remember thinking I was glad he was being safe.  The car in front was going even faster.  Then the car spun around and blocked the road.  If he hadn’t slowed down he would have hit the car.