School’s Out for the Summer (part 1)

It was the last day of school, and no one wanted to work.  The teacher (?) or maybe principal (?) asked me if I had any face powder or lip gloss she could use.  I said I wasn’t sure if I had any that was unopened, but I went to my car, and I did.  The lipgloss was weird – it had a feather or fuzzy thing as an applicator, and that’s why I had never used it.  In the hallway, there was a group of girls sitting at a big round table.  They stopped me and asked, “Do you think ______(some boy) likes it when we sit here?”  I said that I didn’t know, but to myself I was pretty sure he hadn’t even noticed.  I went into the classroom with my backpack, and everyone was just milling around.  Outside, there were planes being flown by students – taking off and landing.  One was an old one, and one was very modern.  Ms. Taylor was there and said “I remember when both of those came out.”  (In real life, she’s not old enough to remember the old one!)  IN had brought a recipe for bacon cheeseburger hamburger steak, and we were in a classroom with a kitchen (like a home ec room) so some people made it, but I didn’t eat it because I said I didn’t like hamburger steak.  I was looking for some veggies and hoping there were brussel sprouts.  Someone said they only used a handful of beef to make the hamburger steak, and I wondered what else was in them!

The Law of the Archer

I was in a building with a lot of law offices.  The halls were very dark and very long.  All of the doors were closed and they were made of some dark wood.  They all looked the same.  I went to the bathroom and had to pay attention to which door I went in.  Someone was in it, but when they left they went out a door on the other side (sort of like when there are elevators with doors on both sides of them.)  So I never saw the person who left.  When you went in, the toilet was low on the ground so you had to squat/crouch on it.  When I went back into the office, I was trying to shoot someone with an arrow – like a devious sprite or something.  The bow broke, so I ended up stabbing her in the back with an arrow.