A Three Hour Tour

I dreamed that we were in a shop and the ship had wrecked. We made it to Mam-ma’s old house but the next ship with the rest of the supplies wasn’t due in for several weeks so we had no communication with the outside world. I tried to go outside because Mam-ma was mowing the yard but in some spots she was mowing and in others there was snow. I had to walk through waist deep water to get from the backyard to the front yard. Then we were in the kitchen and Alex came in the back door with two friends and their mother. Mam-ma was in her nightgown and was embarrassed. He wanted them to come over and play Xbox and she said no. So he went to their house instead. I walked over to talk to him and get him settled. My Netflix remote was on their coffee table in the game room so I took it. I went downstairs and all the adults were getting ready for a big family meal. I was apologizing for being dirty and smelly and explained about the shipwreck. I walked back over and asked Mam-ma if she cared what time he came home and she suggested 15 minutes. I laughed and said that was way too short. I told her we normally let him come home at 10 or 11. She pointed out that’s when he was driving though so walking he could get home earlier. She suggested 8, and I was debating about whether to push it to 9 or 9:30 since she would be in bed.


The Annual Poker Event

This dream began as a a school dream but changed. I was in a car with some other people and they had taken me to school that day. I was a little concerned about how I would get home but I didn’t want to bother mom to do it and I figured that I could find a ride with someone. This was my old elementary school (at least on the outside.) They were carrying a huge table inside and someone asked what it was, and I realized it was a poker table and one day every year the 9-12 grade played poker but it was based on sports trivia. Come to find out, it was in honor of some gaming commissioner coming into town. 

We went inside and I was worried because I hadn’t eaten breakfast and didn’t have money to buy a diet coke out of the machine. But then I saw Subway and remembered we now has a subway in the school. I got in line and ordered a sandwich but she was making two at a time and I didn’t realize it. I made her not put onions on either one and the girl who the other one was actually for was very disappointed. The sandwich had bacon and chicken on it (and the chicken looked like dog treats.) I also got a large Diet Coke. Then I had to go to a different part of the line to pick it up and I ordered another Diet Coke because i forgot I already had one. She didn’t fill it very full though, so I was disappointed and had to do it myself. Then I went to sit down at the poker table in the lunchroom but we realized we were in the wrong location. We all got on a trolley to move to our segment. That’s when it turned into a church dream. We got off the trolley at a church and were trying to find where Chapel of the Cross was sitting but we kept getting lost. Then Mam-ma and Tyrone got off the bus. I was so excited to see them! Tyrone had shaved and lost a lot of weight and he looked better than I’ve ever seen him before. I was trying to decide if I should sit at the main table with everyone else or give those seats to the people who will be better at answering the trivia. I had also decorated a cake with trash talking based on joking with Will last year, but I had included a bad word so someone changed it.

Then out of nowhere I thought I heard Alex say, “It hurts so bad” and it jolted me awake. But Alex was sound asleep upstairs when I checked.

Hey Mr. DJ

I was living in a house similar to mam-ma’s old house. In the living room, there was a man (my roommate?) who was a radio dj. (He was working from home.) I had asked him to play some songs but he only accepted requests online. I was listening to music on my computer, and I kept trying to click the chat button on a scrolling bar across the top. It was black with green writing like an old computer prompt. I kept missing the chat button. About that time, it was time for dinner. Someone else was going through the fridge and pulling out the stuff that was still good to eat. I went into the living room and the coffee table was covered with garbage. I filled a garbage bag up so full it split. I started yelling at Alex and Dylan about how much food they wasted because it looked like the whole bag was food. I made them hold it to see how heavy it was. Then it split and I realized there were hanging clothes in it. No one would admit to throwing away clean clothes though. There was a green top and a black jacket and the dj came in and was infatuated with the green shirt. The girl it belonged to had a crush on him and so I was trying to get her to put on that shirt.

A Card up my Sleeve

I was in the airport and going to Mam-ma’s house after Christmas. Mom and dad were with me, and I wanted to stop in the airport shop to buy a deck of cards. I had the option to stop at some kiosk and use “points” to get them but it would have cost a thousand points which was crazy. I went into one shop because I thought I saw a deck of cards but they were really greeting cards that looked like playing cards. Then I saw all of the Christmas stuff on sale. I wanted to look through all of the Christmas cards but mom and dad were waiting so I didn’t. I did see a large glass ball (like a snow globe) that had an angel on top. It was normally $14 but was marked down to 60 percent off. I bought it and went back out in the airport. Then we got to an area that included an office for me but it wasn’t set up. I didn’t know my phone number, so someone came and I set my password and extension number.

This One Time at Band Camp

I was attending some sort of band camp, as a chaperone I think. I was trying to set up two campsites that were accessible to one another: one for me and one for a friend of mine in a wheelchair. I had to ensure that the sites were handicap accessible which meant they had to be configured a certain way with the gravel and the sidewalks where he could get to them. I was trying to plan on my phone, and I was making power points with pictures configured a certain way. I was also trying to make a point about not being alone in your camp with others of the opposite sex, so the pictures were fairly suggestive.  I needed to edit them and someone showed me how to use my finger and make an “x” over the people I wanted to edit out. It was so easy! Once I got everything planned, I tried to contact my friend using a button (that looked like an Amazon Dash button) and a small mirror. Then I was going to go have dinner with mam-ma and Sandy. I was trying to shower and I joked to someone that I should take Mr. Baker to dinner with them. We laughed because he likely wouldn’t enjoy it much. 

Of proms and meetings

I was at a conference of some sort. We were away at a meeting and had one final day. Our rom had changed and we were down to four people attending.  I had to go out to a car to help someone carry something in, and they had a dozen pink roses that someone had given to me. My friend I was helping put one in her button hole but then I cut the rest very short and put them in a shallow dish with less than an inch of water. They got very soggy immediately. We ate Mediterranean food for lunch, then I went to see Mam-ma and Sandy. They were in their old house. Mam-ma had a beauty shop chair and sink in her bedroom so she could get her hair done. I pulled Sandy’s sheets off her bed to wash them. I was so tired, I was supposed to be meeting with people but I laid down for a nap instead, and it was a great nap! When I woke up, Mam-ma had taken meat I had started to cook and put it in the oven. I started to make Sandy’s bed but ran out of time. Just before I left, there was a phone call. It was a boy on high school calling my friend Mac. I said he was calling about prom which made everyone laugh since it implied my friend was going to prom with him, so I clarified what he wanted to talk about.


As a bit of backstory: my grandmother Mam-ma is very sick, and has been having a series of health problems.  My Aunt Sandy, who has been disabled for years and years and is not in great health, has been taking care of her.  Clearly – this is weighing on my mind, waking and sleeping….

Last night, my dream began with going to see Mam-ma.  She was very, very thin and was so small that I could pick her up.  I had carried her to her chair*, and she was mostly just a head and torso, her legs and arms were so thin.

There were a number of people at Mam-ma and Sandy’s house.  (This was their old house on Kentwood Street.)  I wanted to take a shower, but there were lots of people around the room in which I was going to shower, so Aunt Sandy said I could use her bathroom.  Now, Sandy’s bathroom was very small in real life, and it didn’t actually have a shower in it – it was a half bath with a toilet and a sink.  In this dream, however, Sandy’s room didn’t have a bed at all*.  It had a chair, two showers, and a big pink bathtub that was very notable.

Before I took my shower, I was looking for clothes to wear.  I had a blue sweater, and I was looking for a dark blue shirt to wear with it.  I was having a hard time finding one, and was getting frustrated.

At some point – I think in Sandy’s room – there was a girl there who was friends with my friend Kathy J.  She was looking for something I think.  Later (in another dream?  later in this dream?) I saw her, and she had what she was looking for – it was a toolbox full of video games.  Her appearance looked different once she had found this toolbox, and I remember thinking how odd it was that having that could have made such a difference.

*The rest of the story?  While this may be a bit of a stretch, it could also be a bit of synchronicity.  Later in the day following the dream, I called and talked to Aunt Sandy to get an update on Mam-ma’s condition.  Last night, she was lying in bed and having trouble breathing.  She was in a lot of pain, and Sandy had to help her move to her chair where she is sleeping.  She is not very comfortable, and wants to be in her bed lying down, but is spending all of her time in a chair for the moment.

Mam-ma, very thin

Sandy – no bed, chair, and two showers and pink tub

kitchen full of people shower in Sandy’s room

Kathy’s friend

toolbox of gamer stuff

appearance looked diff

Blue sweater – looking for blue shirt