The Red Barette #2 (Prom Edition)

I was Dylan’s sister in this dream, and he and I were going to go to prom together as friends/siblings.  The prom was scheduled in Chicago, and we were hearing on the news that Chicago was being taken over by zombies, so I didn’t want to go.  I had dressed up in a dress (though it was not a prom dress really) – it seemed rather plain and blue, with flowers on it I think.  It looked nice enough but wasn’t a formal dress.  I was wearing a red barrette, a red necklace, and red dangly earrings.  I was in a gym in the airport, and Geneyssa was there.  In this bathroom, I had put on my lipstick, and suddenly these other people that I didn’t know were using my lipstick, including a young man.

I was really uncomfortable going to Chicago, but Michael talked me into it and said it would be fine.  When we got there, Austin met us to pick us up, and he was smoking a cigarette.

There was an emergency contact list to call in case of zombies.


The Red Barette #1

I had to go to Michael’s to get decorations for a baby shower. (There really is a baby shower coming up in a couple of weeks, and apparently I’m having some anxiety about the decorations.)  I started getting fan blades – I don’t remember the details but there were two different colors and I was trying to alternate the colors.  I also was making a red barette out of scrunchies – there was a white one on the bottom and red ones across the top. I feel like I was running late, and then I realized I was supposed to pick up flowers and a cake.  Suddenly, I wasn’t in Michael’s anymore – it was more of a super center store.  The flowers and cakes were in coolers near the entrance.


Fan for shower



red barette


Stairway to Heaven

I feel that I don’t remember this dream fully, so it will have two versions…. the memory, and the actual notes.

I think we were visiting Austin, and he lived in a high rise of some sort.  I remember he was on the 22nd floor, and there were two different staircases.  I was on one that was a very steep staircase that was curved.  Someone pointed out that there was another staircase that was much easier to manage.  The step to get back up to the other one was huge, so I tried to go sideways and get from one to the other.  I was really afraid, and it was very precarious.  I thought I was going to fall.

WI Austin

22 floors

2 staircases to house from restaurant



The Gambler

I had a new job at work.  It was announced in an all hands meeting, and had something to do with gambling, or sin, or something.  There was another person who was going to report to me – in the dream, her name was Traci Porter, but she looked like a Traci that I used to know.  After it was announced, I asked Elizabeth if I could reach out to her, and when it would be effective.  There was another new team that had 3 other people on it.

The Carrot

This is hardly worth its own page (although I’ve heard that sometimes the dreams that seem the most random can be the most insightful!)

I woke up in the middle of the night, and wrote down:

peeling carrot



The only memory of the dream I have is of peeling the carrot.

Raise the Roof

I was at work – it was a new site that I had never visited before.  I didn’t know anyone there, but Elizabeth was there and had an office.  I was sitting in a row of cubes just outside her office, and Robert was there as well.

I had been asked to help someone (another employee) coordinate a nonprofit event.  The guy that was in charge of it had sent out a communication, but it wasn’t a very good one.  It didn’t include details about the event, and it didn’t say what day and time it was.  Elizabeth had said that I shouldn’t be sending out the email, but I explained that it had issues and I needed to help him.

Suddenly, it started raining inside the building.  At first, it looked like it was raining just over my desk, but then I realized it was over our whole row.  Robert, another person, and I were going to leave and work from home.  At first, Robert said he was going to move to a different desk, but then I realized he was kidding when he opened the door to the stairwell that led to the garage.  I said I wasn’t going to take the stairs, and that I was going to the elevator.  On the way out, I was thinking that I needed to report this to the facilities team, but I didn’t know who that was.  I said something to a random guy I passed, and it turns out he was a facilities employee, but he was on his way to do something else and so couldn’t fix it, but that he would report it.

Then, as I continued to make my way to the elevator, I ran into the guy who was working on the volunteer event.  He asked for my help again, and so I thought I would stop and help him on my way out.  He gathered all of the employees together who were going to volunteer – they were wearing orange shirts and were in front of the building.  I went on the balcony, and was with Elizabeth and a few other people.  We were brainstorming.  I printed off several copies of the “potty post” newsletters we are really working on at work, and someone said, “We just need _____ (a character that had been used in corporate promos) to be the face of this event.”  Somehow, Elizabeth pulled a drawing off of a page, and it became a stuffed animal that she handed to me.  I was trying to figure out how to get it on the page of the email about the volunteer event.

Then the guy (down on the street with the rest of the volunteers) said “We have some more volunteers on the roof” and I stood up and suddenly we were on the roof, not the balcony, and there was a group of us cheering.

The Life of the Party

I was throwing a birthday party in a hotel (maybe a Hyatt?).  This was the second time that we’d done a party here, and so it was very easy.  They had the room already configured right, and there was a wheel of some sort at the front of the room (maybe for some sort of game?)  We were staying in a hotel room – it was the first one as you walked into the hallway, and it was close to the party venue.  There were a few different areas, and when we got there, Alex and a group of boys went up to one room to play Xbox, and one of the dads went with them to supervise.  Dylan and the girls went into a downstairs room.

I was trying to find time to take a shower, but I ran out of time.  One of Dylan’s friend’s mom came, and we didn’t like her.  Michael told her, “Don’t start anything” but I was trying to be nice and so I said, “Thank you for coming.”  She said that her son (Dylan’s friend’s little brother) was there.  He was having fun, and was being good, but she started beating him saying that he was around teenagers, and needed to act differently.

The hotel was connected to a mall, and Mary Parker was there and went into a weird drug store.  She said, “This is my favorite record store!”  (I didn’t see any records, so this was odd.)  There was an older woman in a kiosk selling stuff.  There was a stuffed animal in the shape of dice.  It had a face and was animated, so it would roll on the floor toward you.


As a bit of backstory: my grandmother Mam-ma is very sick, and has been having a series of health problems.  My Aunt Sandy, who has been disabled for years and years and is not in great health, has been taking care of her.  Clearly – this is weighing on my mind, waking and sleeping….

Last night, my dream began with going to see Mam-ma.  She was very, very thin and was so small that I could pick her up.  I had carried her to her chair*, and she was mostly just a head and torso, her legs and arms were so thin.

There were a number of people at Mam-ma and Sandy’s house.  (This was their old house on Kentwood Street.)  I wanted to take a shower, but there were lots of people around the room in which I was going to shower, so Aunt Sandy said I could use her bathroom.  Now, Sandy’s bathroom was very small in real life, and it didn’t actually have a shower in it – it was a half bath with a toilet and a sink.  In this dream, however, Sandy’s room didn’t have a bed at all*.  It had a chair, two showers, and a big pink bathtub that was very notable.

Before I took my shower, I was looking for clothes to wear.  I had a blue sweater, and I was looking for a dark blue shirt to wear with it.  I was having a hard time finding one, and was getting frustrated.

At some point – I think in Sandy’s room – there was a girl there who was friends with my friend Kathy J.  She was looking for something I think.  Later (in another dream?  later in this dream?) I saw her, and she had what she was looking for – it was a toolbox full of video games.  Her appearance looked different once she had found this toolbox, and I remember thinking how odd it was that having that could have made such a difference.

*The rest of the story?  While this may be a bit of a stretch, it could also be a bit of synchronicity.  Later in the day following the dream, I called and talked to Aunt Sandy to get an update on Mam-ma’s condition.  Last night, she was lying in bed and having trouble breathing.  She was in a lot of pain, and Sandy had to help her move to her chair where she is sleeping.  She is not very comfortable, and wants to be in her bed lying down, but is spending all of her time in a chair for the moment.

Mam-ma, very thin

Sandy – no bed, chair, and two showers and pink tub

kitchen full of people shower in Sandy’s room

Kathy’s friend

toolbox of gamer stuff

appearance looked diff

Blue sweater – looking for blue shirt

Emmys for Kids

Once again, I couldn’t read my notes.  However, the dream had something to do with awards for kids.  I wrote down emmy’s and kids, as well as “program”…

Perhaps part of this was inspired by my son getting an award at the high school end-of-year concert last night! (Yay Dylan!)