I had several dreams that I only remember snippets of. In one, I was shopping at JCPenny and accidentally went outside with a basket of merchandise. My intention was not to steal it but I could have. I went back in downstairs and to a customer service line. Everyone was freaking out and there were lockdown procedures and I said they were caused by me. 

In a later dream I was meeting with Elizabeth and we were trying to update escalation lists. Someone was late for our meeting but we were working on it anyway.

We were talking and suddenly heard lots of people lauding as though there was a party. Alex and Dylan were where we could see them- one in the kitchen and one asleep in the living room so we assumed Austin was having a party.

Pennies and Pounds

I was in a capital campaign meeting for our church. Pete was there and was unhappy that the ine hadn’t been bought from his store. We were talking about the numbers and he was saying hat everyone had asked for money from him.

Funerals, Frogs and Friends

A friend of ours had died unexpectedly and so I was going to his funeral. He is young- probably early 50’s and so the funeral was huge. I was not dressed appropriately … I was wearing jeans, but I planned to be in the very back so I went on. The funeral was so big it was in a convention center. There were apparently two funerals there (I saw signs for the other one.) I started out way in the back and then somehow got behind the stage at the front. They were taking communion and called me out so I was in front of everyone. The priest wasn’t there, so I was told to just reach in and get a communion wafer. They were the large ones and weren’t broken, so they told me to take the whole thing!  I also had to just pick up the chalice and drink wine. Our friend had been cremated so there was just a small box at the front. I had been worried it would be open casket and freak me out.

Once I took communion I decided to leave. I was in a mall section of the convention center and met the comedian Taylor Williamson from AGT. I introduced myself and about that time Marleen walked up with two other friends that were very funny. I told Taylor he had to hang out with us because he would get so much content from Marleen! I introduced them (using only Taylor’s first name, because apparently we were close like that!). Marleen and I went to get something out of the dorm room where (in my dream) we used to live together. No one else showed up so I told them we would meet them. I asked Marleen where we should meet and she said “on the steps of Frog Kroger.” At first I didn’t know where this was because no place was called Frog Kroger, but then I remembered that she thought the Kroger by my old apartment needed a name and called it that.  We had a lot of difficulty getting there , and I actually woke up before we got there or met up with the others.

Of proms and meetings

I was at a conference of some sort. We were away at a meeting and had one final day. Our rom had changed and we were down to four people attending.  I had to go out to a car to help someone carry something in, and they had a dozen pink roses that someone had given to me. My friend I was helping put one in her button hole but then I cut the rest very short and put them in a shallow dish with less than an inch of water. They got very soggy immediately. We ate Mediterranean food for lunch, then I went to see Mam-ma and Sandy. They were in their old house. Mam-ma had a beauty shop chair and sink in her bedroom so she could get her hair done. I pulled Sandy’s sheets off her bed to wash them. I was so tired, I was supposed to be meeting with people but I laid down for a nap instead, and it was a great nap! When I woke up, Mam-ma had taken meat I had started to cook and put it in the oven. I started to make Sandy’s bed but ran out of time. Just before I left, there was a phone call. It was a boy on high school calling my friend Mac. I said he was calling about prom which made everyone laugh since it implied my friend was going to prom with him, so I clarified what he wanted to talk about.

Zombie Dorm

I was in a city that was being taken over by zombies.  I was in a dorm building.  I seemed to have this dream two different times, because there were two different sequences of actions.  In the dorms, there were lots of doors – some locked and some didn’t.  In the upstairs hallways, there were exterior doors that led into the hallway, but then there were also interconnected rooms that just opened to one another, and did not connect to the hallway.  I was trying to decide if I should lock those or keep them open – which was a greater risk?Snip20160522_3

By De Vries, David [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The first time that I was in this dream, I was obsessed with cleaning the rooms as I locked them.  The second time, I was just locking the doors and windows.  The first floor doors didn’t lock, so we had to assume that the zombies would get into the building, and just lock the doors on the second floor.  There was lots of running from room to room.  At one point, I climbed into a window.  I went to a meeting in a bar*, and it started with a prayer.  I had a baby carriage with me.  All my liberal friends left and looked at me like, “What are you doing here?”  Jon W. from church was there, and he was trying to sell me cases of Snickers bars.  It was $200 for a case of snickers.  I bought two individual bars for $6.  At the end, a friend who was on the “other side” of the war was setting up codes that we could use to share information.  At one point, I was in what felt like a basement of a house with several different rooms.  Some rooms had doors that linked to tunnels that went outside.  There was a living space and a bathroom.  Lots and lots of doors (which, for obvious reasons, is a risk when you are trying to fortify against zombies.)

*Maybe instead of it being two dreams, I was in the dorm before the meeting and then again after the meeting.

The Gambler

I had a new job at work.  It was announced in an all hands meeting, and had something to do with gambling, or sin, or something.  There was another person who was going to report to me – in the dream, her name was Traci Porter, but she looked like a Traci that I used to know.  After it was announced, I asked Elizabeth if I could reach out to her, and when it would be effective.  There was another new team that had 3 other people on it.