Office Space

I dreamed I was at work but I was in a very small room. I still worked in customer care but repair was in our room too. We were trying to make copies of a process and repair refused to give us a copy of their spreadsheet. They went through a fancy animated presentation but I still needed the spreadsheet. A friend of mine tried to make a copy of it but the copier wasn’t working so someone had it moved to where my desk was. We all had to cram into a little tiny office space area. I was so close to one lady our legs were touching. I told Elizabeth we were too crowded and she said it was fine. The lady next to me asked about how I had gotten something done and I said J had done it while repair was talking about something I wasn’t interested in. Then it switched and we worked for the church. I was trying to document training for a call center to support the church and tell them when to call the office vs. when they could handle things. I started documenting funeral procedures and I took some soap or something and wrote instructions on the floor (which was brick) just inside the chapel. As I was leaving it was dark and rainy and I almost got hit by a car.

Spirit Central

I dreamed that I was looking for a new house. We found one that was perfect– the other one we had talked about would have required me to set up my office in a bathroom but this one had the right number of bedrooms.

We wanted to go see it once more. When we showed up, the parents were nervous and frantic. They asked us if we could take their kids’ shoes to school. Apparently they had forgotten them. We were going to but then the kids showed up. The parents didn’t notice until I pointed it out and then they were too distracted to give them their shoes. So we have them to them and sent them back to school.

We were concerned about two things initially: the house was in Springfield in Sunshine street which is very high traffic and commercial, but this was on the very edge of town so it was near the country. I thought the traffic sounds might have bothered Michael. Also as you drive further into the country there were a lot of confederate flags so I was worried about the kids’ safety. The second concern was with the back yard- it was a 45 degree angle so we were worried about mowing it.

I spent the night there and was contacted by some sort of spirit. I knew his name in my dream, and I had an extremely intense tingling in my neck and spine. It was very pleasurable, but I got the impression that this spirit and maybe others were in the house and the people hadn’t told us. The next morning I was trying to get more information to see if they had this experience and if there were others. They were being very evasive with their answers. I really wanted to communicate with him again though. It was a consuming, addictive feeling and I wondered if that was why they were so distracted.

Litigation and other crap

I dreamed that Michael handed me an old folder and asked me to follow up on it. When I looked at it, it was an old lawyer file. I met with the lawyer and we had a second office. next to Michael’s downstairs. It was light and airy and painted buttery yellow. The lawsuit had to do with a backpack and was several years before. The woman who had been working on it was no longer with the company. First I said I just wanted my retainer back but then I realized that some kid was suing us. So they left and were going to try to get the kid to drop the case. As they were leaving they pointed out that our kitchen (which was the old kitchen from my childhood house in Halfway) had piles or horse poop in it. The lady tried to sweep up outside and I got a broom and swept up in the kitchen but it was wet and just smeared.

Ramblings from the Week

I wrote down a few snippets of dreams on paper next to my bed over the last week, but I didn’t write them down in full at the time, so I’m not sure which days the dreams occurred and I don’t remember the details of the dreams.  But here’s what I’ve got:

Dream 1:

car dealer/rental Terry from My Friend’s Place

angry boss

work/office bathroom

pee everywhere dropping from ceiling

no one would help

friend Matthew?





Ok…the only part of this dream I remember clearly was when I went into the bathroom. It was very unclean and there were pools of urine on the floor, and it was on the ceiling dripping down. No matter what I did, I couldn’t escape from getting it on me. It was disgusting and I was so grossed out. This is oddly similar to Camp Capers, where there was also a bathroom and I was getting excrement all over me.

Dream 2:

gone on trip

met guy at apt (?)

reservation at Mexican Villa in Nixa

lost on Highway 116

almost to Fayettville

Almost plane crash

cat hair in apt

Cousins at CVS exchanging —-?

This dream obviously relates to my recent trip back to Springfield. I don’t know what the significant of the number 116 is – that doesn’t mean anything to me.

Awesome Aquarium

We were living in a new house and I spent almost all of my time on this new, outdoor porch. We were receiving a shipment of coffee mugs every day or every week and I was responsible for inventorying them for work. I created a System where I didn’t have to redo the work every time. I had to find shelves to put them on. Then Michael gave me these Harry Potter collectible aquarium units. I didn’t know what to do with them but then I saw our house (and my little room) was connected to a public library and there was an area dedicated as a Harry Potter aquarium so I donated them. The aquariums were tall and long and the fish were weird looking and took up the entire aquarium. One was white and looked sort of like a jellyfish but with a face that had a weird lopsided smile. We had gone into the museum and there was a young girl working there. She was going to take us to a secret part of the tour. To get in, first I pulled a piece of chicken out of my leg that was lodged there like a splinter. Then I went and found a costume jacket.We left before the tour though and figured we would be back.

Then we were in Alex’s friend’s car. He was about to pass the house but it was his house. When he turned in I ran into the back office/porch and was changing clothes for the ole miss game. I couldn’t find my red sweater so just wore a black sweater. We met up with Katy’s family and they made fun of us.


I dreamed that there was an accident outside our house and someone was killed. It involved an 18 wheeler. Alex went outside and was trying to take pictures. I was upset and horrified. I went to a tanning bed and it was $100 and I felt guilty for spending the money. Then the lady added a 20 percent tip which was crazy. When the lady at the tanning place realized we saw the accident, she told us to stop by this sandwich shop in the building and said they would give me a free sandwich, which they did. I went back to the house and I was sharing a bedroom with someone (an old roommate of mine?) and there was someone in a second bedroom. The roommate was talking about moving my office furniture out so I could have a private bedroom but then pointed out I needed the office furniture. But I very badly wanted a private room. Then I had the kids and Buster again and we were in a hotel. We were following a man and I was lost and couldn’t find the room. He led me to it. Then we were almost sharing a room- we had to walk through his room to get to ours. It was strange, but I was happy to be away from the scene of the accident.

Cleaning out the attic

I dreamed that I had moved into a new house. It was very old. First I was looking in a separate building and it had a restaurant decorated with Coke memorabilia, a couple of offices, a few bedrooms, etc. it was in terrible shape and had a lot of damage but I had hopes to redo it. In the meantime it was going to be storage. There was a small church in one of the buildings and someone pulled it out and put it in the empty swimming pool until we could find somewhere else for it. As I was leaving, the building caught on fire but I realized someone did it on purpose so I took a bellows in and startled fanning the flames. 

Then mom and dad came to visit. I gave them the tour but dad couldn’t walk very far so he decided to spend the night. I got him toward the end of the house and there was a bed and a couch they slept on. I turned on the light in the closest bathroom so they could see it in the night. There were two or three nearby bathrooms but several requires going up or down stairs so I showed him one that didn’t. I slept back there too so I could help him to and from the bathroom. 

Also noteworthy there were several bedrooms and bathrooms that we were not using. Mom and dad took a Christmas tree and boxes of decorations we had never unpacked and sorted them. I put them in an unused bedroom for storage.

Then the scene switched and I had gone swimming (the church was no longer in the pool.) I was in a family much like the Beverly Hillbilliies and I didn’t know how to act. I was naked in the pool and people were making fun of me. Two girls in particular were trying to get me to go to play mini golf naked so I would get arrested. Before they came along I was having a great time swimming. Then my old high school friend Rebecca came over and tried to hold my head underwater. I was so upset she had turned on me. I went running back to the house. Her mother tried to stop me and calm me down. Then she had two brothers (only in the dream). They each came and hugged me and told me it would be alright. I was touched that they ignored the fact I was naked to do this. I started back toward where mom and dad were sleeping and The mom said we were going to the VA hospital to get my benefits- did I have my drivers license? Then suddenly we were in an RV moving and there was a ball of lightning on the road next to us.

A Card up my Sleeve

I was in the airport and going to Mam-ma’s house after Christmas. Mom and dad were with me, and I wanted to stop in the airport shop to buy a deck of cards. I had the option to stop at some kiosk and use “points” to get them but it would have cost a thousand points which was crazy. I went into one shop because I thought I saw a deck of cards but they were really greeting cards that looked like playing cards. Then I saw all of the Christmas stuff on sale. I wanted to look through all of the Christmas cards but mom and dad were waiting so I didn’t. I did see a large glass ball (like a snow globe) that had an angel on top. It was normally $14 but was marked down to 60 percent off. I bought it and went back out in the airport. Then we got to an area that included an office for me but it wasn’t set up. I didn’t know my phone number, so someone came and I set my password and extension number.

Raise the Roof

I was at work – it was a new site that I had never visited before.  I didn’t know anyone there, but Elizabeth was there and had an office.  I was sitting in a row of cubes just outside her office, and Robert was there as well.

I had been asked to help someone (another employee) coordinate a nonprofit event.  The guy that was in charge of it had sent out a communication, but it wasn’t a very good one.  It didn’t include details about the event, and it didn’t say what day and time it was.  Elizabeth had said that I shouldn’t be sending out the email, but I explained that it had issues and I needed to help him.

Suddenly, it started raining inside the building.  At first, it looked like it was raining just over my desk, but then I realized it was over our whole row.  Robert, another person, and I were going to leave and work from home.  At first, Robert said he was going to move to a different desk, but then I realized he was kidding when he opened the door to the stairwell that led to the garage.  I said I wasn’t going to take the stairs, and that I was going to the elevator.  On the way out, I was thinking that I needed to report this to the facilities team, but I didn’t know who that was.  I said something to a random guy I passed, and it turns out he was a facilities employee, but he was on his way to do something else and so couldn’t fix it, but that he would report it.

Then, as I continued to make my way to the elevator, I ran into the guy who was working on the volunteer event.  He asked for my help again, and so I thought I would stop and help him on my way out.  He gathered all of the employees together who were going to volunteer – they were wearing orange shirts and were in front of the building.  I went on the balcony, and was with Elizabeth and a few other people.  We were brainstorming.  I printed off several copies of the “potty post” newsletters we are really working on at work, and someone said, “We just need _____ (a character that had been used in corporate promos) to be the face of this event.”  Somehow, Elizabeth pulled a drawing off of a page, and it became a stuffed animal that she handed to me.  I was trying to figure out how to get it on the page of the email about the volunteer event.

Then the guy (down on the street with the rest of the volunteers) said “We have some more volunteers on the roof” and I stood up and suddenly we were on the roof, not the balcony, and there was a group of us cheering.