A Camp or Conference Like No Other

I dreamed I was at some sort of camp at the church. I think it had to do with the diocese. Alex went with me and made friends with the youth group, and had a great time. I didn’t really see him but I knew he was there. When I arrived I needed to find someplace to sleep. I was sitting on a bed (it looked like a hospital bed on wheels.)  It was in the main room and there was a bathroom down the hall we would all share.  I had a 12 pack of diet coke, but then I looked down and realized it was Diet Dr. Thunder (that my mom drinks.) I started bargaining with people to trade some for diet cokes in the morning. I was also trying to do some emails on my laptop.

Then a group of disabled people came in, and we realized these hospital beds were meant for them. So they took those beds and wheeled away. I asked someone what we should do, and they said that we could transfer to another part of the hotel. I didn’t want to spend the extra money, so I walked around checking in other rooms, but they were all full.  When I came back, more beds had been added but they had all been taken too. (And some were golden bunk beds that were extremely wobbly.)  So, I decided to go to the other part of the hotel.  I walked down the hall, and there was a ride you could get on.  It was a combination water ride/roller coaster (a lot like fire in the hole.) At the end you arrived at a different part of the park. I got off (and was with a female friend of mine.) We walked into the hotel part, and sure enough, they gave us a room there.  It was a shared suite with a guy we knew (short with glasses – reminded me of my old friend Doug.) There were two huge bedrooms and a huge bathroom with several dressing areas plus shower, toilet, etc. It was extremely luxurious and huge. We were thrilled and it was so much nicer than all the places people were staying over on the other side. We went to bed, and when we woke up, we realized we had overslept and missed the morning session. We got dressed, and I was wearing a short skirt with pink, sparkly tights and a renaissance-style coat with a hood. It was very cute, but very unusual for me. As we were walking over to the sessions, we passed through a mall-like area.  There was the chance for groups to take pictures of themselves, so we did. I remember thinking they were very cute, and I wanted to buy copies.  There were lots of places that would put those pictures on t-shirts, but I just wanted prints. The technology was pretty neat though because as you would walk by the booths it would recognize you and show you your pictures.

I decided to stop in a store that was dark with black-lit aquariums. All of the fish were sparkly and glowing and beautiful, and everyone was wearing costumes similar to my own outfit. There were surreal looking trees in some of the aquariums and also some had an octopus in them. It was all beautiful and magical and surreal.

I was wearing skates of some sort, as were the people who worked there. I just wanted to wheel around and look at everything it was so beautiful. I stopped at one point for a romantic encounter with two people I used to work with. One was extremely shy (to the point she would falter and stutter in meetings) yet she held a position of authority. The man was the complete opposite, very outspoken and aggressive about everything. She was trying to satisfy me but I kept asking him to finish. She was disappointed and said that we would have one more meeting and he couldn’t participate but that she would make sure it was exceptional without him.

I continued toward the back of the store, but they had to turn on the lights because of some sort of a safety issue or accident. I was very disappointed because it took away the magical elements and made it look like a normal store. I tried to move forward to the front of the store where it was still dark and sparkly, and there was an octopus that was loose. The employee was trying to catch it, and it almost hit me.  I jumped to avoid it, and that action caused me to wake up.

Of Dogs and Divas

I dreamed that I was living on a farm. Buster was there and we got another dog that was a lab as well. Unlike Buster, he was fearless and his favorite thing was to jump in the pond and swim. He would get in the pond every time he was near it. I saw a little girl giving him Denta Sticks and someone asked if it was ok that he was eating an entire bag. I freaked out and said no.  The little girl got upset and I said that eithe she or Dylan could give him his one per day.

Then suddenly we saw an army nearby. They saw our house and started running for it. I panicked and tried to call Michael. I was so afraid that I had a hard time dialing the numbers and really had to concentrate. When I called he said it would be fine, that they only wanted shelter and rest. I was in a group of people and when we got back to the house there were guards there and they let us right in. I was riding on the shoulders of my twin brother and as soon as we got through the door he collapsed and passed out.

Then we were in the bathroom getting ready to leave. There were several young men there who were putting on sparkly pink lipstick and they were getting ready to go to the club.

Of proms and meetings

I was at a conference of some sort. We were away at a meeting and had one final day. Our rom had changed and we were down to four people attending.  I had to go out to a car to help someone carry something in, and they had a dozen pink roses that someone had given to me. My friend I was helping put one in her button hole but then I cut the rest very short and put them in a shallow dish with less than an inch of water. They got very soggy immediately. We ate Mediterranean food for lunch, then I went to see Mam-ma and Sandy. They were in their old house. Mam-ma had a beauty shop chair and sink in her bedroom so she could get her hair done. I pulled Sandy’s sheets off her bed to wash them. I was so tired, I was supposed to be meeting with people but I laid down for a nap instead, and it was a great nap! When I woke up, Mam-ma had taken meat I had started to cook and put it in the oven. I started to make Sandy’s bed but ran out of time. Just before I left, there was a phone call. It was a boy on high school calling my friend Mac. I said he was calling about prom which made everyone laugh since it implied my friend was going to prom with him, so I clarified what he wanted to talk about.

Stage Fright?

I was supposed to give a talk at work.  A bunch of agents were scheduled to be off the phones for this talk.  I knew the content, but I had to wear a microphone and I kept passing out.  I would start, and then suddenly black out and not remember anything.  Finally, in the last attempt, I started and then Michael did the middle section (although he skipped a lot) then I finished.  Afterward, we went to the cafeteria, and Dylan and Leslie were at a table selling pink rice krispy treats.  I bought one because it was for a good cause, but it was $4!  I was expecting it to be $1.


As a bit of backstory: my grandmother Mam-ma is very sick, and has been having a series of health problems.  My Aunt Sandy, who has been disabled for years and years and is not in great health, has been taking care of her.  Clearly – this is weighing on my mind, waking and sleeping….

Last night, my dream began with going to see Mam-ma.  She was very, very thin and was so small that I could pick her up.  I had carried her to her chair*, and she was mostly just a head and torso, her legs and arms were so thin.

There were a number of people at Mam-ma and Sandy’s house.  (This was their old house on Kentwood Street.)  I wanted to take a shower, but there were lots of people around the room in which I was going to shower, so Aunt Sandy said I could use her bathroom.  Now, Sandy’s bathroom was very small in real life, and it didn’t actually have a shower in it – it was a half bath with a toilet and a sink.  In this dream, however, Sandy’s room didn’t have a bed at all*.  It had a chair, two showers, and a big pink bathtub that was very notable.

Before I took my shower, I was looking for clothes to wear.  I had a blue sweater, and I was looking for a dark blue shirt to wear with it.  I was having a hard time finding one, and was getting frustrated.

At some point – I think in Sandy’s room – there was a girl there who was friends with my friend Kathy J.  She was looking for something I think.  Later (in another dream?  later in this dream?) I saw her, and she had what she was looking for – it was a toolbox full of video games.  Her appearance looked different once she had found this toolbox, and I remember thinking how odd it was that having that could have made such a difference.

*The rest of the story?  While this may be a bit of a stretch, it could also be a bit of synchronicity.  Later in the day following the dream, I called and talked to Aunt Sandy to get an update on Mam-ma’s condition.  Last night, she was lying in bed and having trouble breathing.  She was in a lot of pain, and Sandy had to help her move to her chair where she is sleeping.  She is not very comfortable, and wants to be in her bed lying down, but is spending all of her time in a chair for the moment.

Mam-ma, very thin

Sandy – no bed, chair, and two showers and pink tub

kitchen full of people shower in Sandy’s room

Kathy’s friend

toolbox of gamer stuff

appearance looked diff

Blue sweater – looking for blue shirt

Alpha, part 2


Ok, so the first post was something of an introduction.  But below is the REAL dream that started this whole journey.  If you haven’t read it (or heard it) please check out the back story  as well.

I awoke the morning of Easter Sunday, filled with joy and the feeling that I had received the greatest, most fulfilling gift of knowledge.  I was bursting with happiness.  At this point, I had not written down my dreams in at least a decade or two. (Does that make me old when I can start counting in decades?)  Despite having not documented my dreams for archaic amounts of time, I was SO moved by this dream that I grabbed my phone and typed the above notes into the memo.  Sketchy? Sure.  But here’s what I remember….

In my dream, I “woke up.”  I walked into our sunroom, and realized that I had only DREAMED I awoke, so I thought I would take advantage of still being asleep.  I thought to myself, “Self- maybe you can go flying!”  So I tried to fly, and it worked!  At first, I was just flying within the sunroom.  But then suddenly, I was outside, and flying in the yard.  Then – imagine the motion of a toilet bowl – I started flying in extremely fast, extremely large circles, quickly shortening in circumference as I neared the “bottom.”  I was flying so fast in circles, and then suddenly, I was in a tube flying face-first ahead.  (Superman, anyone?) I thought to myself that I should be afraid, but I was having too much fun to be afraid!  It was exhilarating, and amazing, and fast, and fun…. AWESOME!

At the end of the tunnel, I burst forth, and was in another universe. It was SO amazing – all around me, there were the most vivid stars.  They were mostly pink, with a few blues and purples mixed in.  It was truly breathtaking.  Everything was bigger, and brighter, and closer than it would have been in our own universe.  And the COLORS!  It was as though I had stepped from the black and white world of Kansas into the technicolor dream coat of Oz.

This is a wonderful print that I found following the dream.  This is called Raspberry Enchanted Forrest and can be purchased here from the Etsy shop CatsEyeStudio.  Photo included with permission.  Footnote: This image is as close as I can find to what I saw in this other universe.

There was a woman there with me – to the left.  I don’t remember seeing her, but I remember having a conversation with her.  Her name was Kaye?  Or perhaps her name started with the letter “K”… I’m not sure.  But I woke up remembering that letter/name.  The only reason I remember having the conversation with her was because she explained the universe to me.  She said this was the “Episcopal” universe, and that if I imagined the size of our known universe today, that this was 80% larger than our current universe.

Then, the next thing I remember, I was on a planet.  Earth? Maybe.  A planet in the other universe?  Maybe.  But I saw Ben (our priest at the Chapel of the Cross) and his son Henry.  Henry was playing in a mud puddle, and I needed to go get him a towel.  I walked up to a nearby house, and “Kaye” answered the door.  She gave me the towel, and said that there were two(?) meanings to everything.  She said that at that point, I could see both meanings, but that soon I would forget – even though they would still be there.  She said not to worry though, that she would be back in two weeks. I walked back and gave Henry the towel.  Then, suddenly, my dream re-wound.  I was approaching Ben and Henry again, went to the house again, and saw Kaye.  I recognized her, but as I saw her, I could feel all of the memories – all of the knowledge – slipping away.  In my mind, I gave her a knowing smile, as though I was saying, “See, I still remember you…” but I could feel it all slipping away.  By the time I gave Henry the towel, I was waking up and could sense the loss of the knowledge, though the joy was still there.

For the “Rest of the Story” please read A first look at synchronicity…  and I think you’ll see why this caught, and kept, my attention.

Dream 1: Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

Flying, fast swirling long tube face first – very fun, driven by God.

Breaker out into huge universe

Episcopal Galaxy extends 80% more

A third???

Kaye?? Staying with me



More to everything than you think

Back in two weeks

Example with Ben and rubber boots and towel – two times but different perspectives.  Already starting to forget.