We were at a Soccer tournament and  Michael was coaching. He was charging food at the concession stand (5 meals per game.) I overheard people talking and getting upset about it but before I could tell him he charged more food.

The angry referees were standing there so I went and apologized and said we didn’t know. I offered to pay and the lady took al my money , and said “this should about cover it.”

Then the dream shifted. I was in a pod attached to the outside of a plane. There were no windows so I couldn’t see what was happening but I could tell we were crashing. We made it to a safe place and we’re sitting around a table. I said we had no idea where we were and Dylan said yes we do. He quoted a riddle or Bible verse and then threw a rock. When we looked, we saw the sign for WestWorld.

The whole place was a huge Science lab. There were ghosts in certain parts but when they crossed certain thresholds they disappeared.The lady we were with had Short red curly hair.

There was a girl with us who had been exposed to spirit world. The Spirits were drawn to her and vice versa. They could cross the threshold if they were with her.

I was in a bookstore and there was a famous designer and author in there. I made a comment, “I wonder what it’s like to look around and see everyone wearing your designs.” She responded. When I got to the cash register, I bought a thin book she had written.

The credit card machine only took $10 or more purchases so they had to ring up another book first to get it to work.

Lady in bookstore had 2nd job trying to help us, but it was secret, so I asked her “how’s your other job going?”

We were worried about the girl with us. She kept going in the spirit world areas and tried to eat ghost food.

Other Hodge Podge

I was working for Bell South and trying to find an old training manual.  That’s all I wrote down.

I also remember being in a building that was a “science building”.  At the end of the hall, there was some sort of special, life-changing discovery.

Also, at some point there were soccer teams in my dreams.

Food for Thought

There were a bunch of soccer players at our house.  Our house was huge, but it wasn’t this one that we currently live in.  There was a big balcony inside that overlooked the living room.

It might have been this dream, or perhaps a different one, that Michael made lasagna.  He had a piece, but he ate it in the other room.  Alex and Dylan each had one, and then I ate the rest of the lasagna.  I felt so guilty – thinking “How could I have eaten over half of a lasagna?” and I thought that Michael probably wanted to eat the rest of it after I was gone. (Not sure where I was going.)

Also, maybe in this dream but maybe in a separate one, I had to make meat loaf.  I didn’t have a recipe, but Michael said to use eggs, breadcrumbs, and meat, and I was ok with that.