The Game of Life

I was at work and was chosen as one of seven people for a new team. It hadn’t officially started yet and they were trying to get access so we could do both programs but that wasn’t working. I went into the room (it was set up in a conference room with two rows of seats on each side of the table.) I put my stack of things in the best chair right in front of the door. I left and when I came back in someone else had also put their stuff there. I went to move it and spilled m&m’s. I told her I might have some more and then I grabbed two packs out of her purse without realizing it. Once I realized I told her I would bring her some from home. Then I moved my things to sit by Brent at the end of the table. Other than us, everyone else was really young. I realized that I had to use Tik Tok to provide support and that was the platform we were supporting. They said the developers were providing support themselves and they were too brilliant and should be developing new software. Some of the others already had books (this had turned into a class) but I didn’t know where to get the books. I realized there were some handouts I hadn’t read and I realized I had to really up my game to keep up since this stuff was coming naturally to others but not to me. At the end of class, I asked the teacher where the bookstore was. She said she would take me. She apologized for assuming we knew the basics. As we walked through the school it was amazing. It was huge and had so many neat shops along the way. It was like walking through a mall with neat novelty stores, not a school. We finally got to the “store” and she said there were six books that would total about $300. She started pulling them out but they all looked like games. Then her son came up. He had a really frizzy afro and looked to be about 8. He sat down and we started playing. It was a role playing game, and I was still trying to understand the instructions but they were very helpful. Each card had explicit instructions but mine also had a scrambled sentence too. It was something about going to the inn. The son told me a story about playing this game with Isabel and asked me if I knew her. I said yes, and that made him happy.