I had two dreams that I remember. Earlier in the night I dreamed that dad was living in a condo or apartment somewhere. I had gone to take a shower and these people came up though the parking garage and got in the shower with me. I was glaring at the mother and asking the kids for room. I was very uncomfortable because I was naked and I kept saying “you are in my shower!” but then I realized this was the community shower and wasn’t meant for anything but the pool/beach while you were clothed. So still naked I went inside but realized I didn’t have a key to get back in the condo. The woman told me to go into the hall and call dad. Fortunately he got off the elevator right when I got in the hall so I got a key from him.

Later I dreamed I was in a video call from work. It was very early in the morning so I was in the bedroom and my hair was a real mess. But everyone was really friendly and talking to each other’s family. Brian (my colleague) was upset because he was trying to fire someone and Elizabeth wanted to keep them. When I got done with the call, Michael sent me outside which was weird. I was on the front porch of the house I grew up in. But it had started to rain and was really comfortable so I sat down in the porch swing to eat my breakfast.


I dreamed that I was at the top of a building and someone was trying to convince me to get in these super fast go carts. You weren’t supposed to get in at the top but they let me and they weren’t even going to charge me. I did pay $20 though. I started going down through the different levels of the building and going through the different obstacles. The first few were practice so you could stop abruptly on a piece of metal or bump a target to open a door. I was wearing a skirt which was also weird. At the bottom the guy who was mad about me starting at the top had forgiven me.

A New Sherrif in Town

It’s been a while since I have remembered a dream in great detail. Last night, the dream started out in a yard. Buster was chasing deer but this time it was a herd of tiny deer (babies about the size of cats with one momma deer.) By the time I realized they were so small and might not be able to get out of his way, it was too late. I ran over and one deer was so tiny it got on my finger. But instead of hurting them, he played with them and they became friends. I was afraid to touch the tiny one for fear the mother would reject it (much like a baby bird.)

Then the dream shifted. I was in a work trip to the Philippines with a group of people. Me, Daphnie’s friend Marie and one other person- a guy that reminded me of my old friend Doug and the capital campaign consultant Jesse-  were staying in the Shangri La but Marie had found rates for $120 per night. Rather than being in the main part of the hotel though, we were in a section off the garage. You walked out the door like you were going to the parking garage but instead of going straight out one door, you turned to the right. You walk past a big black desk that belonged to Ramon (from Honduras) and there were rooms. They were light and airy and were set up to be multiple bedrooms surrounding a central common area. There was also an outdoor living area. The only problem I was having was getting the phone to work. I was trying to connect an old manual phone to wifi to call home for free. As I was working on that, they wanted to switch hotels for the next week but I was concerned about the extra cost. I suggested we just try to move into he main part of this hotel. Then I walked out into a mall area, and I was sitting on a bench talking to my old colleague Dave. We had a dog and a tiny puppy that fit on the palm of my hand. Dave was supposed to be taking care of the puppy but he wasn’t paying attention to it. I was worried it would die. It had wandered behind the bench and gotten wet. I picked it up and tried to dry it off and warm it up. Then Dave said he was starting a new call center in New Orleans. I said confratulations and he told me he wanted me to come work there and move from Atlanta. I told him I was flattered but that I didn’t live in Atlanta any more. I explained my kids were going to be seniors in high school so I couldn’t leave and he said that if I was interested after that it would be perfect timing because it would take that long for him to get there and be ready for me. Then we saw Elizabeth and our other colleagues walk by. They were dressed in old west attire. I asked what they were doing and he said it was an excursion. I was upset because I didn’t know about it and he said the other guy rooming with us had sent out a full agenda. I was not pleased I didn’t get one, but he said I could take his spot. He was supposed to be the sherif. I put a leash on the big dog. He was pretty good about staying with us, but I wanted to be sure he was safe. I wrapped the little dog in a blanket.  I ran to catch up and Alison was there, my old friend from high school. I put the sherif stars on my chest and she said “thank God you’re here”- apparently it had been challenging with more disruptions since there was no one playing the part of sherif. We started running, and just barely made it to a train that was about to leave. We had to open the doors on the moving train and jump on. It we made it, and I remember thinking this was harder than I thought. Then I woke up.


Interpretation: I believe that this dream was a clear answer to a prayer. I was asked to do something at the church that I was hesitant to do. I had told the person who asked me – almost word for word – the answer that I gave Dave about this job. I also had talked to Ben about the request at the church, and he suggested that a better time would be in a few years. That aligned with what Dave told me that “he wasn’t ready yet anyway.” I think the part of the dream about the sheriff/ old west was telling me that when it was time to do this job, it would be a lot more work than what I expected.

I have not yet figured out what the miniature animals represent. 🙂


An apple a day

I dreamed I was going to the doctor but was late. There was a confusing parking garage- I don’t remember the circumstances behind it. Then I was in the hallway and Donald Trump was there. He was somehow helping the doctor. A young man walked by and said he needed more protein so my doctor told him to eat more junior bacon cheeswburgers from Wendy’s.

Cleaning out the attic

I dreamed that I had moved into a new house. It was very old. First I was looking in a separate building and it had a restaurant decorated with Coke memorabilia, a couple of offices, a few bedrooms, etc. it was in terrible shape and had a lot of damage but I had hopes to redo it. In the meantime it was going to be storage. There was a small church in one of the buildings and someone pulled it out and put it in the empty swimming pool until we could find somewhere else for it. As I was leaving, the building caught on fire but I realized someone did it on purpose so I took a bellows in and startled fanning the flames. 

Then mom and dad came to visit. I gave them the tour but dad couldn’t walk very far so he decided to spend the night. I got him toward the end of the house and there was a bed and a couch they slept on. I turned on the light in the closest bathroom so they could see it in the night. There were two or three nearby bathrooms but several requires going up or down stairs so I showed him one that didn’t. I slept back there too so I could help him to and from the bathroom. 

Also noteworthy there were several bedrooms and bathrooms that we were not using. Mom and dad took a Christmas tree and boxes of decorations we had never unpacked and sorted them. I put them in an unused bedroom for storage.

Then the scene switched and I had gone swimming (the church was no longer in the pool.) I was in a family much like the Beverly Hillbilliies and I didn’t know how to act. I was naked in the pool and people were making fun of me. Two girls in particular were trying to get me to go to play mini golf naked so I would get arrested. Before they came along I was having a great time swimming. Then my old high school friend Rebecca came over and tried to hold my head underwater. I was so upset she had turned on me. I went running back to the house. Her mother tried to stop me and calm me down. Then she had two brothers (only in the dream). They each came and hugged me and told me it would be alright. I was touched that they ignored the fact I was naked to do this. I started back toward where mom and dad were sleeping and The mom said we were going to the VA hospital to get my benefits- did I have my drivers license? Then suddenly we were in an RV moving and there was a ball of lightning on the road next to us.

The Italian Villa

There is a house down the street from us that is being built- it is big, and beautiful, and looks like an Italian Villa. In real life the other day, there were two police cars there and we wondered what was going on, as I don’t think anyone has moved in yet.

Last night, I dreamed that Michael and I went down there to check on the house, but we were really curious too. It was 6 am, and as we were walking around inside, a lady said, “hello?” And came downstairs in her nightgown. We apologized profusely for being in her house without permission, and she said it was ok – that she had been out of town. She gave us a full tour and it was amazing! There was something noteworthy about the garage, and she had her own post office. I also made a note about dogs, but I can’t read that.


The interpretation on this one came to me before I even fully woke up. As you know, I have been fighting against exploring the new spiritual/psychic abilities that seem to be magnifying. I am trying to overcome this, and the dream seems to point to the fact that this exploration is great! It’s lovely and enjoyable and nothing bad about it. The post office points to this new level of communication- how do I communicate with others? And the garage is the jumping off point for somewhere new!

Battle of the Bands

In real life, my son Ausin’s band was playing the next day at 6:30. In my dream, his show was moved to a later time slot and a different stage, so when I got to the stage at 6:30, Florida Georgia line was performing instead. There were fewer than 20 people in the crowd so it was very intimate. They performed and Tyler’s mother (who was also their manager in the dream) was in the crowd next to me. I talked to her for a long time. At the end, I told them they were lucky Austin’s show was moved because I would choose his show over theirs! I invited them to go watch Austin and they said yes, so we went to a parking garage and they got into a Volkswagen bus (white) to follow us to the show.

Stairway to Heaven

I feel that I don’t remember this dream fully, so it will have two versions…. the memory, and the actual notes.

I think we were visiting Austin, and he lived in a high rise of some sort.  I remember he was on the 22nd floor, and there were two different staircases.  I was on one that was a very steep staircase that was curved.  Someone pointed out that there was another staircase that was much easier to manage.  The step to get back up to the other one was huge, so I tried to go sideways and get from one to the other.  I was really afraid, and it was very precarious.  I thought I was going to fall.

WI Austin

22 floors

2 staircases to house from restaurant



Raise the Roof

I was at work – it was a new site that I had never visited before.  I didn’t know anyone there, but Elizabeth was there and had an office.  I was sitting in a row of cubes just outside her office, and Robert was there as well.

I had been asked to help someone (another employee) coordinate a nonprofit event.  The guy that was in charge of it had sent out a communication, but it wasn’t a very good one.  It didn’t include details about the event, and it didn’t say what day and time it was.  Elizabeth had said that I shouldn’t be sending out the email, but I explained that it had issues and I needed to help him.

Suddenly, it started raining inside the building.  At first, it looked like it was raining just over my desk, but then I realized it was over our whole row.  Robert, another person, and I were going to leave and work from home.  At first, Robert said he was going to move to a different desk, but then I realized he was kidding when he opened the door to the stairwell that led to the garage.  I said I wasn’t going to take the stairs, and that I was going to the elevator.  On the way out, I was thinking that I needed to report this to the facilities team, but I didn’t know who that was.  I said something to a random guy I passed, and it turns out he was a facilities employee, but he was on his way to do something else and so couldn’t fix it, but that he would report it.

Then, as I continued to make my way to the elevator, I ran into the guy who was working on the volunteer event.  He asked for my help again, and so I thought I would stop and help him on my way out.  He gathered all of the employees together who were going to volunteer – they were wearing orange shirts and were in front of the building.  I went on the balcony, and was with Elizabeth and a few other people.  We were brainstorming.  I printed off several copies of the “potty post” newsletters we are really working on at work, and someone said, “We just need _____ (a character that had been used in corporate promos) to be the face of this event.”  Somehow, Elizabeth pulled a drawing off of a page, and it became a stuffed animal that she handed to me.  I was trying to figure out how to get it on the page of the email about the volunteer event.

Then the guy (down on the street with the rest of the volunteers) said “We have some more volunteers on the roof” and I stood up and suddenly we were on the roof, not the balcony, and there was a group of us cheering.