Gone Little Boy

I dreamed that we were all living in a new house. The only room I saw was Dylan’s room, and t was similar to his room now, just smaller. We were talking and he used his mind to throw a pillow across the room, and I thought to myself how powerful he was. I was very proud of him. I was thinking back, and at one point the house had been haunted- two little boys had died here, but their ghosts had moved on.


Once again, the interpretation seems very easy in the light of day. Last night, two thing happened with Dylan. It was the first night that Dylan wore his Color Guard uniform in front of anyone and the first time he performed in front of a good sized group of people. At dinner we talked about how he was breaking down barriers (first boy to be on the GHS color guard) to do this and that we were proud of him. Then that night he took Mary Parker to Barnes and Noble for a midnight release and it started storming terribly. Of course he made it home safely but both Paulynn and I were worried about them being out in the storm. In a very real way, the little boy died and the young man who replaced him is more powerful than even he realizes. ❤️

Urban Oasis

I had moved into a new apartment and was getting set up and unpacked. My next door neighbor was my coworker Dan. He asked me to come over so he could show me something and I went out on his balcony and it was beautiful!! The had draped colorful scarves at the entrance and then made a canopy of white scarves that formed a tent-like top. There were trees and plants on the balcony and it was a cool and beautiful oasis. I absolutely loved it. He had also hung up a strand of white Christmas lights. I continued to set up inside but felt like everything was cluttered and so was trying to simplify. One morning I had taken some friends out to show them his balcony and he came out. I felt guilty for going there unannounced but he was very nice and invited us all to eat breakfast. There were several children at his house and they were all eating and opening gifts.

I also had several boxes of Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree I was trying to decide where they should go. I put them in a spare room that I planned to use for storage until I decided.

Taking turns for the worse

My dream started when I went to visit mom and dad. In my dream, they still lived in Springfield and Michael and I went I to visit. I had brought gift cards for the kids but realized I never gave them Christmas gifts and so I felt like I needed to go get a second one for them. Tyrus was at their house and I had given him a cookbook and told him to pick out a recipe and we would make it together. He picked out box macaroni and we were trying to choose an option where we turned it into a fancier dish. The options I remember you added shrimp or prosciutto. After dinner we went outside by the pool (which was like a resort pool.) A woman was walking around cleaning up poison that was on the ground. Young men that were waiters brought out shot glasses with frozen drinks, but I didn’t take one. Michael and I started streaming Netflix and were worried we would use all their data and mom wouldn’t be able to play her computer games. When mom would go into the bathroom, she would play games and a light would spin outside the door showing she was using data.

Then the scene changes and we couldn’t communicate without intervention. We had to take turns and we could either ask a question or tell the other person something. But then there were only three choices which never seemed to align with  what I wanted to say. For example, I wanted to ask what was happening, but the only choices for questions didn’t include that. If I did get the chance to ask a valid question, the answers presented for Michael to choose from also weren’t relevant. At the same time, there was a huge risk- we could not go through the door and leave because time would change, and we would either lose years or gain them. It was very uncomfortable.

A whale of a time

I was on vacation with Michael and we were at a beach. I was playing some sort of game that involved whales in the water. After your whale reached a certain size, you had to move to intermediate waters. I had just leveled up my whale and was about to move out to the deeper water. Monica’s house was on the beach but no one was home. Then Michael, mom and dad and I went to dinner. We took a taxi to get there and back. I don’t remember dinner but as we left, he stopped at the counter to buy me gum but didn’t ask what kind I wanted. Everyone else took the stairs and got in the cab, but I was hurt and limping and had to take the wheelchair ramp. I got in the taxi and there was some problem with the change that Michael had received from the gum.

Buns in the oven 

I had two similar dreams that I will lump together here. The first, I was pregnant but it was with a fish… Meaning the baby was a fish. I don’t remember the details but I woke up in the night and remembered this.

In the second dream, I was pregnant with an actual baby. I was in a house that was either a resort or some sort of group home. There were lots of people staying there and j considered them friends although I didn’t know everyone. I had found out I was pregnant and there was a doctor there who was taking care of me. I was happy that a) Michael would be a dad again b) I would get to experience the baby years and c) that dads name would live on (I was going to name the baby Ellis or Ellison Barker!) there was another woman there who had a crush on me that was also pregnant at the same time but she lost the baby. Everything was going fine for me though. The doctor said we were going to start going out to dinner once a week.

Then i was at a banquet. I had nibbled on a few foods but it was pretty strange food. On one table there was a huge roast but it had a layer of white on it. I asked what it was and they said it was bone- somehow the bone and everything had been cooked so it was edible. I tried a bite of the meat part and the normal looking roast looked good. I went looking for it but found ham instead. Eventually I found some. I also picked up (on a small plate) what appeared to be roasted strips of pumpkin. I noticed the plates because most of them were too big but I grabbed this one off the salad bar. None of the plates matched.

Hey Mr. DJ

I was living in a house similar to mam-ma’s old house. In the living room, there was a man (my roommate?) who was a radio dj. (He was working from home.) I had asked him to play some songs but he only accepted requests online. I was listening to music on my computer, and I kept trying to click the chat button on a scrolling bar across the top. It was black with green writing like an old computer prompt. I kept missing the chat button. About that time, it was time for dinner. Someone else was going through the fridge and pulling out the stuff that was still good to eat. I went into the living room and the coffee table was covered with garbage. I filled a garbage bag up so full it split. I started yelling at Alex and Dylan about how much food they wasted because it looked like the whole bag was food. I made them hold it to see how heavy it was. Then it split and I realized there were hanging clothes in it. No one would admit to throwing away clean clothes though. There was a green top and a black jacket and the dj came in and was infatuated with the green shirt. The girl it belonged to had a crush on him and so I was trying to get her to put on that shirt.

The un-Cat

I stopped at someone’s house in the neighborhood and they had a cat there. They said they were certain this was a human (named Kathy) who was turned into a cat. They knew exactly who it was and where she was from. As they shared details about her life, the cat somehow confirmed them. Even though I didn’t know who the person was, I offered to take her. We went out the back door of the person’s house and through the neighborhood. We ended up back at our house and went upstairs. Buster saw her and started freaking out, and I took that as confirmation he could tell it was a human in cat form! When the kids and Michael came home I explained to them too, but they treated the cat like it was just a cat.