About.  About?  What is this page about.  It’s not likely that many, if any, will see this page.  I suppose it’s about me.  It’s about my mind.  It’s about my thoughts.  It’s about my dreams.

PS – somehow, I’m not sure how, a few people are finding this page and reading these posts.  In the event you find yourself here, I thought I would provide a short background.

When I was younger, I regularly dreamed and kept a dream journal.  I’ve always been a very vivid dreamer.  After a while, I lost focus, or perhaps it became too time consuming to write down my dreams.  This all changed Easter Sunday in 2016.  I had a dream that was so vivid, so compelling, I grabbed my phone and wrote it down.  In that dream, I was told by a guide? a character? my shadow? a premonition? a few key things:

  1. Everything has two meanings
  2. I wouldn’t always see those two meanings
  3. There was more to come in two weeks

Two weeks later, I stumbled across a Sunday school class at my church that began with the bold statement that “God speaks to you in your dreams.”

Thus began a journey to resume writing down my dreams, and to start to understand what they all mean.